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I hope you love the reusable daily to-do list I made for you! Remember to jot down the ONE thing you want to accomplish (even if it's the only thing you get done all day!) And to celebrate all the small wins as you go!

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So my typical hot mess style of productivity has historically gone like this: Wake up, check Facebook, make a mental note to come back and answer people’s questions. Make coffee. Check email, mark everything unread so I can come back and respond later. Get my kiddo ready and off to school, come home, stare at

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Canva is a ridiculously awesome and FREE design program that entrepreneurs everywhere are using to create social media images, brochures, even logos and entire slideshow presentations. But let’s face it… it’s not the most intuitive program in the world, and the tutorials leave a lot of business owners scratching their heads. So you may have

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Okay, so everyone keeps saying you need a “list.” You know, like… an email newsletter. And they’re totally right! Email marketing is rad–you get direct access to your audience’s inboxes, where you can educate them, entertain them, and entice them to buy your stuff. (Over 90% of my sales are a result of email marketing!

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