Lesson 4 - Expand Your Inspiration

If you've ever struggled to find concrete, visual inspiration for abstract feelings and mood words--today's lesson is for you! First we're going to do a deep dive into how we want our clients and customers to feel, then we're going to do a broad brainstorm that will help us find images!

hint: click the little arrows on the bottom right corner of the video to watch the video in full-screen! (In this case, bigger is definitely better.)

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Homework - Gather More Inspiration

Use the worksheets below to journal about how you want your customer to feel and the strengths you have that help them feel that way. Use the mind map page to brainstorm concrete things that represent these abstract feelings. Then head to pinterest to search for images!

Download the Lesson 4 Worksheets for your journal and mind map pages

Then come over to our Facebook group and share your pinterest board!