Creative Time Management for Real People with Real Lives

An interactive, online workshop and brave discussion space for small business owners trying to manage time • January  21st • 10am PST

Thursday, 1/21 10am-11:30pm PST

(recording will be sent out, too!)
Cost: $20

You've bought all the planners and watched every time management webinar... and somehow time still slips through your fingers like water.

Oh friend, I feeeeeel yooooou! Time is ruthless, and right now wrangling it feels harder than ever. But with a few simple tweaks, we can actually take control and show time who's boss!

In this 90-minute, interactive workshop, we're going to explore the real challenges we face managing this illusive dragon called "time," and lean into real solutions!

hosted by Emily Roach


Oh, and this won't be a regurgitation of all the old time management advice you've heard before. That shit never worked for me, and if you're here, I'm guessing it hasn't worked for you, either! Together, we'll explore what's going to work for you, your work style, and your real life.

You are not alone in the time management struggle! Let's tackle your time together.

Explore why time management feels like such a struggle and learn a few simple shifts that can help you take control of your schedule, even if your life is hectic, you're easily distracted, or you succumb to hours of scrolling social media.

Connect with other incredible entrepreneurs who are navigating this wild ocean of business and life right along with you

Flex your creative muscles as we brainstorm solutions, boundaries, experiments, and action steps to take so you can reclaim your throne as the queen of your time!

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Who is this Biz BFF lady? Oh hi! I'm Emily!

I bring small business owners like you together to build the business of your dreams on your terms... by being your truest you-est self!

And I have struggled with time management for as long as I can remember. My brain just does not process time the same way as most people, and that led to lots of all-nighters, late projects, anxiety, and stress. But through a lot of research and experimenting, I've learned the tricks that help me make the most of my time and fend off the distractions and mental roadblocks that threaten to derail me.

So pull up a seat next to me, my friend. Let's dig into this time management mess together!

How do Skill Labs work? (What will we do during our 90 minutes together?)

Biz BFF Skills Labs are interactive workshops designed to explore, learn, and strengthen your skills as a small business owner.

It's like an in-person, hands-on workshop and womxn's circle had a baby... but virtual!


We meet virtually using Zoom video chat

When you sign up, you'll receive the link to download Zoom on your computer or mobile device, access via the web, or call in from the phone. The entire workshop is online, so you can tune in from anywhere in the world!


I'll share lessons and creative exercises with the whole group

I'll share the key shifts I've made in my own life to get a grip on how I use my time. This will not be your typical, boring webinar, and I will not talk at you! This is a real life conversation between friends.


We'll break into small groups for deeper understanding and connection

We'll use Zoom Breakout Rooms to connect in small groups and brainstorm creative solutions and action steps for your unique time management issues!


You get the recording to keep forever

Isn't technology amazing? I'll record our session so that you can keep and watch this workshop whenever you want! (So if you can't attend live, but you're struggling with time management, you should totally still sign up!)

What are you waiting for?

Let’s do this thing!