Swivel and Serve: adapting creatively and courageously in uncertain times

An interactive, online workshop for small business owners

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Thursday, 5/14 at 9:00am PDT

​(recording will be sent out, too!)
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The world is freaking scary right now, right? A global pandemic, social distancing, and mass closures... our lives as small business owners have changed drastically overnight. We don't have to give in to panic, though. Let's come together as a community and brainstorm how we're going to get through this!

This 90-minute workshop will be interactive, concrete, and practical! You WILL leave with ideas that apply to YOU!

hosted by Emily Roach


This Interactive, Virtual Workshop, Will...

Empower you to adapt to the changing times, think creatively about short-and long-term solutions, and take brave actions toward to create the change you need right away. 

No fluff! All action.

We are going to dig in and tackle the hard stuff. The real stuff. We'll practice thinking creatively, and we'll discuss adaptations you can be making in several areas of your business:

• Swiveling to serve your clients in a new or different way

• Alternative ways to make an income and get your basic needs met

• Communicating compassionately with your customers and offering incentives to return when the world goes back to "normal."

• and more!

Brainstorm your unique situation

This is a chance for you to get actual minds on your business situation and brainstorm actual creative solutions to your unique challenges! We'll do both small-group and large-group problem solving, so everyone walks away with practical ideas!

This is not just about taking your in-person offer online! That's one solution. (And it works for some people, but not for everyone!) And even online business are feeling changes right now! This is where you can get ideas no matter what type of business you run.

Connect with other business owners

You are not alone in this! I know things feel really isolating and scary and lonely right now. But you are not alone. This workshop is an incredible way to connect and brainstorm with other business owners who get what you're going through. (We might even have a little fun while we're at it! Wouldn't that be sweet?)

Let this beautiful little community of Biz BFFs be your safe haven in this difficult time.

We have a ton of shit on our plates right now! We do not have time to waste with ideas that barely scratch the surface and fluff-filled webinars that are really just commercials for expensive services. (This is not that!)  I am not going to talk at you or tell you what you should do. This is an interactive workshop to expand your creative problem solving skills and gather practical ideas that work for your business--no matter what it is!

This is a Pay-what-you-want ​Offer from my heart to yours

Typically, this workshop would be $20 to attend

I offer a variety of free and paid workshops, and the high-touch, interactive nature of this one would usually be an affordable, paid workshop. But these are not typical times! Many of us are dealing with a sudden loss of income, and I want to make sure everyone has access to this workshop, no matter what your financial situation is!

You can pay as little as $1!

So pay whatever you want--even $1!

Seriously... you name your price, no questions asked. Have the means to pay the usual $20? Great! Thank you! That helps me continue to provide valuable content to business owners like you.

Times are tight right now? I totally get it! Pay less! You need this workshop, and you need your basics need met, too. You don't have to choose.

In a position to support other small business owners? Wonderful! If you feel called to pay a little more, know that your generous support is directly benefitting small business owners worldwide.

Pay whatever you want with absolutely no strings and no judgment!

Registering is Easy!

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    Fill out your contact info and choose your price. You can enter any amount, even $1. (Any amount you choose to pay supports small business owners worldwide)
    Not sure what to pay?
    • The average ticket price is $20 if you want an easy number
    • You can join for as little as $1 with no strings, no judgment, no questions asked.
    • $40 or more would go a long way toward supporting other small business owners who are struggling right now.
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    Click "next step" to enter your payment info, and click the "complete order" button to sign up for the workshop!
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    You will receive an email from me with detailed access instructions for this online workshop. (We meet via Zoom Video chat, which is free to use.)
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    Our live meeting time:  Thursday, May 14 at 9:00am PDT 

    When it's workshop time, click the link in your access email or dial in using the provided telephone numbers.

Can't make the live session on May 14th? Sign up to be first in line for the next session!

Who is this Biz BFF lady anyway? Oh hi! I'm Emily!

Pull up a seat next to me, my friend! I teach entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small business owners how to think creatively and act courageously in their businesses and lives. And while it sucks that we're all going through this, I want you to know we're all in it together. I can't wait to brainstorm with you about how you and your business can get through this pandemic (even if you're freaking the f out!)

How does this virtual workshop work? (What will we do during our 90 minutes together?)

It's like an in-person, hands-on workshop and an online webinar had a baby!


We meet virtually using Zoom video chat

When you sign up, you'll receive the link to download Zoom on your computer or mobile device, access via the web, or call in from the phone. The entire workshop is online, so you can tune in from anywhere in the world!


I'll share lessons and creative exercises with the whole group

I'll break down the key things to think about as we navigate daily changes and challenges in our small businesses. We'll practice creative problem solving in a fun way, and find solidarity in our universal fears and hopes.


We'll break into small groups for brainstorming

We'll use Zoom Breakout Rooms to connect in small groups and brainstorm solutions to your unique business situation. Each attendee will have a chance to be in the "hot seat" and bounce ideas around with other business owners!

You might have Questions

And I have answers! Click on the question below to open up the answer.

Will this be recorded?

Yes and no... This workshop will be recorded, and the parts where we're all together in one large group will be available to watch later, any time you want! The small breakout groups won't be recorded, but we will share key findings and creative solutions in the big group at the end. So you'll get the most out of this if you're able to attend one of the two live sessions--but you'll still be able to get a ton out of watching the recording.

why is this pay-what-you-want?

Ok here's the story. When I first realized how serious the COVID-19 pandemic was, I started freaking out. I spent the whole day reading articles, worrying, spiraling into anxiety about what was going to happen to the world: How would kids get food if schools were closed? What's going to happen to the economy if restaurants and salons and other business shut down? What's going to happen to my business if other business owners suddenly have no income? What if my parents get sick? And what the fuck am I supposed to do with my kid home 24/7?!

I woke up the next morning and said, "Emily, you can't control any of that, and panicking never helped anyone. You're here to help, so help!"

I asked myself how I could best serve small business owners right now, and the answer was super clear: I'm an excellent brainstormer, a master problem-solver, and a compassionate BFF. I knew I could help you guys through this time with humor, grace, and really freaking clever ideas.

I also know that some of my friends have gone from owning thriving businesses to zero income overnight, while others have stable finances and are looking for ways to help. I want to make sure everyone has access to this powerful workshop, so I thought, "Hey! Let's try 'pay what you want' and see how it goes!"

my business is different...

Yes it is! We all have different businesses, which means there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for adapting to our current circumstances! That's exactly why I created this workshop--so we could come together and think creatively. And so that you get time dedicated to your unique situation.

do I need a computer to join?

Joining through the free Zoom software on the computer is the easiest, but it's not the only way to join! Zoom also has free mobile apps for your smartphone or tablet, a web-based option, and a way to call in from your phone (even if you have a landline!) Note that some features (like the chat and breakout rooms) may not be available on all devices.

Why is it called Swivel and Serve?

Well "pivot" is already a bit overused right now, don't you think? And really, when we pivot in our business, it usually implies making a long term change in directions. 

"Swiveling" lets you change directions for a little bit, then circle back around to the way you've always loved to do business when the time is right.

And I believe that the businesses who will survive this scary time are the ones who come back to our roots and remember why we opened businesses in the first place. To serve. To help. To make the world better.

Plus Swivel and Serve sounds way more fun than Pivot and Perv!

Can I just come listen but not participate?

Not for this one. This is not a webinar where I'm just dumping information in your brain. This is interactive, baby! And your small group will be counting on you to help brainstorm! So come prepared to stay for the entire 90 minutes and participate in the small group. (If you want to step back and listen during the large group sessions, that's perfectly fine!)

So what Are You Waiting For? Let’s Swivel and Serve!