Social Media Images That Rock!

A step-by-step ecourse for entrepreneurs

I see you over there. Beating your head against the screen because you just spent 4 hours trying to make ONE image for a facebook post. I see you thumbing through Instagram, jealous of all the perfectly-polished brands. I hear you cursing under your breath when the vision in your head doesn't match what comes out on the screen.

And I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way!

What if you could...

  • Learn Design Principles in a Snap

    The first step to creating rockin’ social media images is understanding why some graphics look super professional and others look like a deranged toddler made them. I’ll teach you 5 design principals that will improve your designs instantly

  • Master Canva Techniques

    I’ll show you step-by-step how to design the images you’ve always imagined (if only you could get your computer to cooperate!) Learn how to customize templates with your brand colors and fonts, how find, upload, and edit photos, how to design images from scratch, and how to use use shapes and lines to create professional, dynamic graphics.

  • Save Time with Signature Templates

    Imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have to wrack your brain figuring out what to design every time you want to post something on facebook. I’ll show you how to create your own signature templates so that you can have a few go-to design layouts that take only minutes to edit and look cohesive with your branding.

Yes Please! I Want Better Images!

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  • Helpful Feedback

    You’re not in this alone! Get my eyes on your designs in a private Facebook group just for students of this course! I’ll give every single student thoughtful and helpful feedback to improve your designs.

  • Lifetime Access - Learn on Your Time

    Want to go back and watch these lessons later when you get stuck? You’ll have lifetime access to this course! So you can rewatch your favorite lessons again and again. This also includes all future updates!

  • Bonus Lessons!

    When you purchase this course today, you also get a bonus “Lesson 0” with a thorough walkthrough of Canva for beginners, a bonus Canva 2.0 lesson explaining Canva’s new features, and a Canva mobile app lesson so you can design on the go!

Emily explains things in a way I totally understand! She breaks it down so anyone can get it, without talking down to you. And I never feel stupid asking a question!

Debbie Fong Kho
Debbie Fong Kho SkinSense Spa

It used to take me HOURS to design a graphic for social media. Now I can design a whole week's worth of images in 20 minutes or less after taking Emily's course!

Abbi Wood
Abbi Wood Abbi Wood Wordsmith

Here's what you'll learn!

  • Lesson 0 - Tour of Canva

    First time using Canva? This video will walk you through all of Canva’s features, where to find everything you need, and how to download or share your designs. You get this lesson as soon as you sign up!

    You’ll also receive your bonus lessons about Canva 2.0 and the Canva mobile app before our live round starts, so you’re perfectly prepared to rock this!

  • Lesson 1 - Rock your brand

    Learn how to bring YOUR brand style into Canva so every image is consistent, on-brand, and bursting with personality. I’ll show you how to customize the colors of any Canva element, how to customize existing templates to suit your style, and how to set up your brand colors to save time on every design.

  • Lesson 2 - Evoke Emotions

    The best social media images spark emotions in people! We’ll go over how to stir up feelings using photos, and I’ll walk you through how to upload your own photos, where to find free and paid stock photos within Canva, how to place photos in your design, and filters you can apply to them.

  • Lesson 3 - Let's Get Legible

    Text is a powerful design element–if you use it well! If you’ve been scratching your head because your words are hard to see on top of a photo, or your designs look DIY or slightly “off,” then this is the lesson for you! I’ll teach you how to use white space thoughtfully and how to use shapes and transparency creatively to make your designs more legible and more professional.

  • Lesson 4 - Cut the Clipart

    Illustrations and icons can add impact and interest to your designs. But outdated clipart has no business being a part of your business. Learn the difference between tacky clipart and high-end illustrations, plus how to find, place, and edit great illustrations and icons in Canva.

  • Lesson 5 - Save time and money

    You don’t have all day to spend fiddling with graphics and designs. You have important work to do! I’ll show you my time-saving and money-saving tricks to get the most out of Canva. Learn how to create your own templates and how to set up a super fast workflow (without ever leaving the free version of Canva!)

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