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Welcome Romance Writers of Australia!

You became a writer because you love writing. And you love LOVE! You didn't realize you'd also have to become your own personal brand designer, marketing agent, social media ninja, and business manager! It can all get pretty overwhelming pretty fast.

But it doesn't have to be. You can gracefully own the rolls of CEO and author--and have a shit ton of fun while doing it.

Hey! I'm Emily, your Biz BFF! I'm a business coach, community leader, and speaker... most importantly, I'm your best friend in the business world. I'll help you get out of confusion and overwhelm and into action with group coaching, thought-provoking curriculum, and fun, daring activities.

I'm here to teach you how to embrace and enjoy the business side of writing by breaking it all down, making it super fun and easy to learn, and supporting you with strategy, encouragement, my compassionate community, and every "you got this, girl!" GIF on the internet.

In my community and coaching program, the Biz BFF Hive, you'll be surrounded by business owners, solopreneurs, and authors just like you to lean on and laugh with. You'll learn how to show up with confidence, courage, and creativity as you navigate the business side of writing. And you'll get personalized, custom strategy and support to propell you to the next level.

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It's time to take your business as an author to the next level! Whether you're a seasoned pro or you're just starting out, the Hive is the perfect environment for you to grow your business, achieve your dreamiest goals, improve your marketing, and build lifelong friendships.

The Biz BFF Hive is an online, year-long group coaching program, community, and course library. We'll dive into every area of your business as an author: your goals, time management, branding, marketing, money, and more!

And now that we're RWAus BFFs, I have a super special invitation for you! I'm giving you HALF OFF your Hive membership It's already an incredibly affordable way to get in-depth support, and I just want to make this a no-brainer for you!

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Social Media Images that Rock! FREE

I had SUCH a blast teaching you how to stand out on social media at the conference! We could only cover so much in an hour, so as a special thank you for hanging with me in Melbourne, I'm gifting you my course--Social Media Images that Rock!

In this course, we'll dive into 5 easy design principles to elevate your graphics so you can stand out even more in your marketing.

Use coupon code RWASOCIAL to get this $99 usd course for absolutely FREE!!!

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I'm here to help YOU show the f up!

Show up FOR yourself

Your dreams are meant to be realized! You deserve to achieve absolutely everything you desire, and I'll teach you how! We'll set goals that light your heart on fire, then jump into action with a solid plan to accomplish them. And I'll be with you every step of the way as you hit the rocky bits and detours on your way to success, and standing at the finish line with champagne when you achieve your goals!

Show up AS yourself

You don't have a marketing problem, honey, you have a self-expression problem! All the branding hotshots and marketing "gurus" out there are preaching about complex funnels and secret insider strategies... but you honestly don't need all that! The key to branding and marketing is really about learning how to stand in your truth and shine as the amazing human you are. I'll help you figure out your own special brand of secret sauce, and how to express your unique magic in your brand, in your marketing, even in how you handle your money!

Show up in the WORLD

Once you've figured out who you are and what you truly want for your life, we'll get you OUT THERE! Showing up in the world, showing up online, and expanding your readership so you can create a real, sustainable income from your writing. We'll explore and experiment with ways to grow your audience (and your pocketbook!) and get your words into the hearts of more readers.

I'm ready to fall in love with my business!

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