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But first! You can start rocking 2023 right away. Let's start this year with a WIN!

Crush one goal and wrap up this roller coaster year on a high note!

The "Start 2023 with a Win" Workbook & Planner

We're going to dream and scheme about all the adventures 2023 has in store during our challenge, but why wait when you can experience success right now?

With this Workbook & Planner, you'll brainstorm and choose one goal, then create an eeeeasy action plan to achieve it! (You don't even need tons of time or money. I'll teach you how I conquer huge goals even when I only have a few minutes a day.) Plus you get all my motivation and action-taking tips and a printable planner that supports your goal!

Let's face it--the last few years have been rough. I know I'm ready for a win. Let's start taking action and taking our lives back, shall we?

A quick look at what's inside

  • 8 page goal-setting and action plan workbook
  • Undated monthly planner page
  • Undated week-at-a-glance planner page
  • Undated daily planner page with lots of room for your schedule and to-do list
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reflection questions to keep you on track toward crushing your goal
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Here’s What You’ll Get in Your Workbook & Planner

5-step goal-crushing system

I'll walk you through my the exact system I use to pick one focus, create an action plan, and overcome motivation hurdles!

Monthly, weekly, and Daily planner pages

For planning the big picture and all the little tasks along the way--you get undated monthly, weekly, and daily planner pages to keep you on track!

intention-setting and reflection questions

Monthly, weekly, and daily questions keep you focused on your important goals, while allowing you room to experiment, learn, and adjust!

Ready to kickstart 2023? Check out here for instant access!

I took back control of my life!

Mary Carlich - Blogger, Usborn TEAM LEADER, & attorney

I have all these ideas of where I want my business to go, but they're all jumbled up in my head! Using Emily's planner, I'm able to follow her prompts and get those ideas down on paper in a way that makes sense and is aligned with my dreams. Getting rid of the "shoulds" and replacing them with action-oriented goals has helped me feel more in control of my business... and my life!

Let's start this year up with a win!

I'm so excited to dream and scheme with you next week! If you're like me and you just can't wait to get started--I created this workbook and planner just for you! Dive on in and get goal-crushing today!

$19 $9 when you purchase today!

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