Hey girl, I see you over there...

One minute you’re super jazzed about your biz and the next you’re banging your head against the computer screen. I feel you. I’ve been there. (Ok I was just there this morning.)

Running a business is hard! There are so many things to do and so many things to learn! And you're a savvy lady, but even the brightest queen bees get stuck sometimes.

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re learning something new--maybe it’s a new software or program, maybe you’re trying to figure out how to change something on your website--and you get stuck. So you head to the internet and start looking for help. But then you find...

  • You don’t even know where to start looking for the information you need
  • You don’t have time to trudge through and figure things out on your own
  • The tutorials you find are long-winded and full of jargon
  • The courses you find are expensive and time-consuming
  • And even when you do find help, you’re never quite sure if you’re even doing things right

who has time for this crap?!

What if there was a better option?

Imagine what it would be like if...

  • You felt empowered to learn any new skill you need for your business
  • You could find all the lessons, tutorials, tools, and resources you needed in one place
  • You had a group of biz friends to consult with and lean on
  • You had support, encouragement, and feedback from your peers and teacher

You don’t have to waste another minute wading through long, boring tutorials. You can get the support and information you need in one fun place.

Introducing the Biz BFF Hive

The Hive is a membership program for busy entrepreneurs just like you. It's a home base where you can learn new skills, get support, and form lifelong friendships with like-minded business owners.

Hey, I'm Emily Roach--professional business bestie, teacher, and graphic designer. In my work with entrepreneurs, I’ve seen so many women hold back from growing the business of their dreams just because they’re missing a few technical skills. Well it's time to stop that nonsense and start learning what you need to learn so you can get down to biz!

The Hive combines how-to courses with a supportive community all in one convenient place


The Hive includes a library full of easy-to-follow courses and tutorials. Each course is broken down into bite-sized lessons so you can jump in and learn exactly what you need when you need to learn it.

Course topics include customizing your website, creating social media images, designing your own business cards, and more!

All courses are self-paced and available to watch 24/7. New courses are added regularly, and Hive members can suggest ideas for future courses!


Just because you're a solo-preneur doesn't mean you are in this alone! The Hive is a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Lean on your hive sisters for encouragement, feedback, and help when you get stuck.

The Hive Community is a private facebook group that is included in your Hive membership. You can ask questions, share wins, and get feedback on what you're working on. In this close-knit group, you'll meet biz bffs who can become good friends for life! (It's like having coworkers, except no one steals your lunch from the fridge.)


You are a busy bee business owner! You don't have time to scour the internet and fall into the rabbit hole of long, confusing tutorials every time you have a question! The Hive is your one-stop home for tech and design courses.

All of the courses are organized on one easy-to-navigate website and the lessons are short, fun, and easy to follow. If you have a question, you know you can go to the Hive first for answers.

Best of all--if you have a question and there isn't a lesson on it in the Hive yet, I want to create it for you! It's easy to send me Hive Mail and suggest a new lesson or course!

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Abbi Wood, wordsmith, member of the Biz BFF Hive

My favorite thing about Emily’s courses is that she keeps the videos easy to follow and to the point! I can pop in and do one module to learn one new thing without it taking up my whole day. I was so excited when I heard about the Hive! I’d already worked my way through the canva crash course and Branding from the inside out, so joining the Hive was a no-brainer for me!”

Abbi Wood Abbi Wood Wordsmith

Emily teaches from her heart. And while she’s teaching, she never makes you feel like she knows more than you–instead, it is like you’re learning cool tricks from your BFF (Your Biz BFF that is!)

Sejal Fichadia Kindred Mother Care

Let's take a peek inside the hive

Current Courses

Facebook Facelift - Give your Facebook Page a makeover! Learn how to set up your call-to-action button (and which one works best for your biz), how to design a cover photo that looks great on desktop and mobile, and how to create and schedule a whole month's worth of engaging posts in a day!

Customize Your Website - Customize your website to reflect your branding and style with these fun and easy lessons. Learn how to upload your logo, change colors and fonts, add pages, start a blog, and more! (Currently covering WordPress, SquareSpace and Wix)

MailChimp 101 - Navigate your way through MailChimp! Learn how to use the popular FREE email newsletter program. Create lists, design and share sign up forms, send campaigns, and set up simple automations.

Social Media Images That Rock - Learn how to design eye-catching social media images using Canva. I share my best design tips for professional-looking images, easy step-by-step tutorials to create the graphics you want to create, and my time-saving template tricks

DIY Business Card Design - Design your own professional-looking business cards using Canva. Learn what to include (and what not to include) on your cards, how to design the cards you want, and where to get them printed.

ConvertKit 101 - Unlock the power of ConvertKit! Learn how to use this remarkable email newsletter program. Design and share sign up forms, send broadcasts, set up automated sequences, and learn how to tag subscribers based on their behavior, interests, and purchases!

Canva Crash Course - Learn the ins and outs of this powerful, free design software! Get acquainted with Canva, learn how to use images, text, shapes, colors, and photos in 6 short, easy lessons. This primer class is perfect for beginners, and even seasoned pros learn something new.

Upcoming Courses

The Hive is constantly growing! And you get access to every new course as soon as it's added. Look forward to learning about:

Opt-In Offers

Sales Funnels

Video Editing


Designing PDFs




Photo Editing

and more!

Join the Hive Today!

Ready to have the knowledge and support you need at your fingertips? Just choose a payment option below for instant access to the Biz BFF Hive!

Monthly Membership

Only $29 per month

recurring payment-cancel anytime

Yes! Let me in!

Annual Membership

Only $290 per year

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I met Emily during Creative’s Academy while she was our coach for the week. Through this week-long collaboration, I fell in love with her personality, her ideas, and most importantly: her quick and super helpful feedback. You just knew she was there to truly help you with whatever you needed. She’s invested in helping you grow as a small business owner.

The videos Emily creates are spot on! I’m a super visual learner and was able to quickly implement everything she taught us because of the tutorials she created to SHOW you how easy it was to create images for your business. Any questions you think of, she’s your go to girl. I wondered how to add glitter as one of my brand colors, and she created a video just to show us how!

Bridget Cowan Make Spirits Bright

Got Questions? I've got answers

My business is really new--is the Hive for me? +

Absolutely! Each lesson in the hive is fun and straightforward so that you can understand it and start applying what you've learned no matter where you are in your business. Plus if anyone needs sisters to lean on, it's someone who's just starting her biz!

I've been in business for years--is the Hive for me? +

Hell yeah! I've been in business for almost 8 years and I'm still learning new things every day. Each course is designed with the busy business owner in mind--so you can learn what you need then get back to work!

What if I hate it in the Hive? +

You can cancel your membership at any time! No questions asked and no hard feelings. When you cancel, you will continue to have access for the amount of time you've already paid for. (For example, if you cancel in the middle of your monthly membership, you will continue to have access for the rest of the month.)

What if I get stuck during one of the lessons? +

That's why the Hive is more than just courses--it's a community! If you get stuck, post your question in our members-only facebook group. A fellow hive member or I will jump in and help!

Do I get special BFF help from Emily 24/7? +

Well, I do think it would be cool to be a robot someday, but this queen bee does need sleep from time to time. But I am active in our members-only facebook group A LOT! So if you post a question in there, I will usually get to it within one business day. (Plus you'll have a whole hive of Biz BFFs in there to help you, too!)

What if I need help with something that's not in the Hive? +

The Hive is always growing! Submit your question or idea via "Hive Mail" and I'll make sure to cover your topic!

I have another question! +

Cool! I'm happy to answer your question. Email me at emily [at] bizbff [dot] com and I'll get back to you within one business day!

Emily’s courses changed the way I do business. I feel ready to share my ideas and products with confidence. I went from floundering on my own to looking like a pro by taking her courses. Emily made things so simple! She is fun and enthusiastic. She makes everyone feel welcome and helps each of us when we got stuck.

Erika Swafford Erika Swafford Photography

Join the Hive Today!

Ready to have the knowledge and support you need at your fingertips? Just choose a payment option below for instant access to the Biz BFF Hive!

Monthly Membership

Only $29 per month

recurring payment-cancel anytime

Yes! Let me in!

Annual Membership

Only $290 per year

Get two months FREE!

Yes! Let me in!