Hey girl, I see you over there...

One minute you’re super jazzed about your biz and the next you’re drowning your sorrows with a gallon of ice cream and a Netflix binge.

You started your business full of hope and big dreams. To do work you love. To make an impact on people. To light up the world with your gifts. To find freedom and flexibility in your schedule and blast a hole in your financial ceiling!

But now you're in the thick of it. Freedom? Ha! You work 24/7. Doing work you love? Sure, maybe if you didn't have to spend all your time posting on instagram, figuring out facebook algorithms, managing your books, and #hustling.

There are so many things to do, so many things to learn, so much conflicting advice, and somehow we're supposed to navigate all of this on our own?

You miss having coworkers to bounce ideas around with. To gossip with. To high-five when you solve a really big problem. To vent to when you have a really annoying client.

On good days, things are great. The "cha-ching" your phone makes when you get an Etsy sale and the raving reviews you get from your clients keep you hanging on...

But deep down, you're lonely. You're burned out. You're tired. And you're confused. You want wild success, you want meaningful work, you want to be a freaking boss! But you're wondering if you even have what it takes...

You are not alone! (And it doesn't have to feel like this)

I feel you, sister!

Imagine what it would be like to...

  • Feel empowered to learn any new skill you need and navigate any new tool business throws at you
  • Lean on a smart, supportive group of business owners (and friends) when you're stuck, struggling, or bummed
  • Have a whole team of cheerleaders to celebrate your wins and progress on every step of your entrepreneurial journey
  • Show up AS your truest self in your branding, marketing, sales, and customer interactions
  • Show up FOR yourself--honoring who you are, what you need, and what you desire
  • Stretch your creativity and courage muscles to unlock your potential and claim space as the badass business owner you're meant to be
  • Attract more dream clients, spend time on the work you love, and earn more money (without working harder or longer hours)
  • Make decisions with confidence and clarity because you know who you are and what you want out of business and life
  • FINALLY experience the freedom, fun, fulfillment and friendship you've been craving

Wouldn't that be freaking awesome?! If you're saying, "Hell yeah!" I created something super magical for you

Introducing the Biz BFF Hive

The Hive is an online community for business owners to practice courage, strengthen their capability, and express their truest selves creatively.

It's a program that will guide you to explore and improve every area of your business in a way that's easy, freeing, and fun!

It's a supportive group of encouraging, honest, brilliant women who cheer each other on, lift each other up, and help each other succeed.

It's a resource library of skill-building courses and tech tutorials (so you never have to search youtube or listen to some boring dude explain algorithms ever again!)

How the Hive Works

Each month, we explore a different part of your business through journaling, discussions, challenges, tutorials, and group coaching calls

On the first Monday of every month, a new theme is unlocked! We explore each theme as it relates to your business: How can you show up more fully as yourself and for yourself when it comes to your marketing, your customer connections, your money--everything!

Each month, you'll receive:

⭐ Journal prompts and worksheets designed to explore how you can grow and improve that area of your business in a fun and fulfilling way

⭐ 1 live, group coaching call to dive deeper into your specific business and life questions--get realtime support in the exact areas you need

⭐ 2 fun challenges to implement what you've learned and put yourself out in the world courageously and creatively

⭐ Access to skill-building courses and tech tutorials that support your business growth

⭐ An engaged and supportive community where you can share your wins, your struggles, your questions, and what you're working on for feedback

⭐ The chance to win exciting prizes!

The Hive works on a 12-month cycle, so throughout your year of membership, we cover every important topic:

Setting goals that excite you Managing your time effectively Standing out authentically in your brand Defining and finding your dream clients/customers Designing and packaging your offers The art of selling Nurturing your people Growing your audience Attracting new prospects Managing your money Pricing for Profit Creating freedom in your business and life (Scroll down for a full description of each month's topic!)

Erika Swafford

Emily changed the way I do business. I feel ready to share my ideas and products with confidence. I went from floundering on my own to looking like a pro by taking her courses and being in her community. Emily made things so simple! She is fun and enthusiastic. She makes everyone feel welcome and helps each of us when we got stuck.

Erika Swafford Erika Swafford Photography

Join the Hive Today!

Ready to join this awesome community of business owners? Ready to learn, share, and grow as a business owner in a way that's fun and freeing? Ready to have the knowledge and support you need at your fingertips--just choose a payment option below for instant access to the Biz BFF Hive!

12 Months of Hive Membership

I love payment plans!

12 payments of $125

Affordable monthly payments--billed automagically!

Pay in full and save!

1 payment of $1250

Pay for the year up front and save $250!

PLUS get this amaaaaaazing bonus!

Branding from the Inside Out Ecourse

Discover who you are and learn how to communicate your truth through your visual brand design with my flagship course, Branding from the Inside Out.

Define your core values, super powers, and unique flavor, express your style, choose your signature colors and fonts, and even design your own logo! This course is the perfect foundation for the work you'll do this year in the Hive, and it's yours for free when you join by June 30th!

This 6-module course normally sells separately from the Hive for $497, and now I'm including it at no extra charge. 🤯

The Hive is everything you're looking for in an online community + courses + coaching - all in one!


Just because you're in business for yourself doesn't mean you have to do this by yourself! The Hive is a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Lean on your hive sisters for encouragement, feedback, and help when you get stuck. Celebrate your wins, make friends, have fun, hold each other accountable, and learn from & with each other.

The Hive Community is a private facebook group that is included in your Hive membership. You can ask questions, share wins (and losses) and get feedback on what you're working on. In this close-knit group, you'll meet biz bffs who will become good friends for life! (It's like having super awesome coworkers, except no one steals your lunch from the fridge.)

We also meet once a month via Zoom video chat, so you can connect with the group face-to-face (even if you don't use Facebook!) During these calls we laugh, we celebrate, and we dive deep into our businesses heart-first in a supportive and nurturing group.

Jacqui John

It’s the community for me, definitely. I had been in [another community] but it was so big, I couldn’t make real connections with people. It was impersonal and even competitive. In the Hive, I can be myself and I know that I can ask anything, and no one’s going to judge me, they’ll give real feedback so I can improve, and in a thoughtful, kind way. I’ve made genuine friendships in the Hive.

Jacqui John, Brissie Bites

Clarity Lesson

We explore monthly themes designed to take you deeper into the areas that matter most to you as a business owner. Through lessons, journal prompts, and discussion topics, we'll dive in to juicy topics like how to show up authentically in your marketing, how to generate more qualified leads, how to sell without feeling gross, how to increase your profits without increasing your hustle, how to set goals that light your heart on fire, and more!

These topics and discussion questions apply to businesses at every level and in every industry--Just opened your new Etsy shop? This is for you. Heading into your 5th year as a family photographer? This is for you. Celebrating your second decade in e-commerce? This is for you, too! Whether you're a service provider, a product-designer, an info-preneur, or a manufacturing mogul, you'll find ways to dive deeper into who you are and expand your potential.


Each month, we'll embark on two challenges! These challenges allow you to activate everything you've learned by applying these lessons to the real world.

The Courage Challenges dare you to dance outside your comfort zone and stretch yourself in new, exciting (and maybe a little bit fun-comfortable) ways.

The Creativity Challenges will spark your imagination and encourage you to think outside the box with creative problem solving and new ways to express yourself creatively.


Oh heyyyyy! I'm Emily! Your friendly neighborhood business coach/professional biz bestie! I work with women who want to get more out of their businesses and lead more fun & fulfilling lives--without adding more to their to-do list.

I'm a listener, explainer, cheerleader, truth teller, and risk taker. And the Hive is the #1 way to get direct access to me daily.

I participate in our Facebook group evvvveryday. Seriously, it's my fave place to hang online. I'm here to cheer on your daring action, answer your Qs, give you my feedback, encourage you to think creatively, and high five your wins! Whatever it is you need--I'm here for you, girl!

Your Hive membership also includes monthly, live, group laser-coaching calls. We'll tackle your biggest questions, bounce ideas around together, and break down big concepts into easy-to-manage steps.

Bridget Cowan

I met Emily during Creative's Academy while she was our coach for the week. Through this week-long collaboration, I fell in love with her personality, her ideas, and most importantly: her quick and super helpful feedback. You just knew she was there to truly help you with whatever you needed. She's invested in helping you grow as a small business owner.

The videos Emily creates are spot on! I'm a super visual learner and was able to quickly implement everything she taught us because of the tutorials she created to SHOW you how easy it was to create images for your business. Any questions you think of, she's your go to girl. I wondered how to add glitter as one of my brand colors, and she created a video just to show us how!

Bridget Cowan, Confetti Coordinator


As a Hive member, you also have access to every course I've ever created. (Even my flagship course, Branding from the Inside Out: valued at $500!)

All courses are self-paced and available to watch 24/7, so you can learn when it works for you! Each course is broken down into bite-sized lessons so you can jump in and learn exactly what you need when you need to learn it.

Each month, I'll point you to the trainings that relate to that month's topic. These easy-to-follow courses and tutorials will guide you through the marketing tactics and tech tools that make it possible to implement your new ideas and reach your daring goals.

New courses are added frequently, and I always listen to Hive member's suggestions for course ideas! If there's something you want to learn that's out of my area of expertise, I bring in a guest teacher!

You can find the complete list of current and future courses near the end of this page!

Abbi Wood

My favorite thing about Emily's courses is that she keeps the videos easy to follow and to the point! I can pop in and do one module to learn one new thing without it taking up my whole day. I was so excited when I heard about the Hive! I'd already worked my way through the canva crash course and Branding from the inside out, so joining the Hive was a no-brainer for me!”

Abbi Wood, Abbi Wood Wordsmith

Join the Hive Today!

Ready to join this awesome community of business owners? Ready to learn, share, and grow as a business owner in a way that's fun and freeing? Ready to have the knowledge and support you need at your fingertips--just choose a payment option below for instant access to the Biz BFF Hive!

12 Months of Hive Membership

I love payment plans!

12 payments of $125

Affordable monthly payments--billed automagically!

Pay in full and save!

1 payment of $1250

Pay for the year up front and save $250!

The Hive works on a yearly cycle

Here's a glimpse of what we'll discover throughout the year together

Kickoff - The Day You Join

No matter when you join the Hive, you'll kick off with some quick, enlightening goal-setting activities. These are designed to help you tune in to what you really want to get out of the next year and prep you to show up as the badass you are!

May - Your Dream Clients/Customers

Define your ideal customer and target market in a way that's more intuitive and fun than traditional client avatar exercises. Get to the heart of who you really want to work with and how you can show up in a way that attracts the people you love working with most.

June - Sales & Invitations

Ahhh, asking for the sale! Whether you're completely terrified of selling or all you freaking do is sell, I bet there's something about selling you wish was easier. We'll work on how you can invite people to open their wallets in a way that feels fun, easy, and light. (You can totally sell without feeling like a gross used car salesman!)

July - Nurture Your People

What do we do in between promotions and sales? We nurture our audience so they keep loving us and they're prepped to buy from us when we invite them to buy! We'll work on fun, engaging ways to keep your audience obsessed with you in between promotions.

August - Hook 'Em (opt-in offers)

There's a big difference between marketing to strangers who have never heard of you and marketing to a warm audience who knows who you are and what you're all about. In August, we'll work on turning strangers into warm leads by creating and sharing an opt-in offer that feels totally aligned to your services/products.

September - Attraction Marketing

Explore different strategies for attracting new people into your audience, and choose the tactics that feel most exciting to try. We'll take the pressure off by approaching marketing as an experiment (Yay, science!)

October - Money L💖ve

Ooo, we're going to dive into your relationship with money! How you feel about it, how  you tend to it, and what you desire when it comes to the earning, spending, care & keeping of all things moneyyyyy

November - Pricing

Once we have all of our money baggage cleared, we can approach pricing from a heart-centered, authentic place and feel really really good about charging what we want to charge. We'll look at pricing from many angles, including pricing products, services, and information in a way that both funds your lifestyle and gives you an edge in competitive markets.

December - Freedom!

We'll play with what freedom really means to you and how to achieve the freedom you crave. Financial freedom, time freedom, creative freedom... how do we show up and do the work and live a free and flexible life?

January - Goals & Plans

The new year is my favorite time for dreaming and scheming! We'll explore what you really want, and how you want to go about getting it! While we totally set and tweak goals throughout the year, January is time to step back and look at the big picture of our lives and make daring action plans for the year ahead.

February - Time Management

Ok, confession... I don't think we can actually manage time. But we can manage how we spend our time. We can manage our behavior. We can manage our energy. We can set ourselves up with a schedule that fits who we are and how we work. Create your own definition of "productivity" and show the f up for yourself--work on habits that support you in feeling like you're using your time in a way that aligns with your values.

March - Authentic Branding

Branding is a big, vague word that really just means showing up in the way you want to show up. Are people seeing the real you when they interact with your business? Explore who you are and how to show up as your truest self in all areas of your business.

***Bonus! Branding from the Inside Out is now included in your Hive membership! If it's time to work on the foundation of your brand and create beautiful visual brand elements, this is the perfect time to join! This $497 course is now included in your membership!***

April - Your Offers

Create and package offers that people love to buy! We'll explore your whole business model and how it's working for you. Then we'll zoom in to focus on your actual offers and how to structure your products and services in a way that supports your clients and supports you!

The Spiral Path to Wisdom

So is this a one-year program? Why don't we all start in January? 

Your membership works on a yearly model, and we'll spend the year exploring these topics, but our path to growth, personal discovery, and business development is not linear! It's a spiral.

Many cultures and religions see spirals as a symbol for our spiritual path to self-discovery. It makes sense, right? We keep exploring different parts of ourself and get closer and closer to the core of who we are.

I believe we can (and must) apply this to our businesses, too! So your work in the Hive is a spiral path--each year, we'll revisit these broad topics and you'll go deeper and deeper each time. Always getting closer to your true center. Since our journey is a spiral and not a line, we can start at any point in the year!

Hi! I'm Emily!!! I saved you a seat next to me!

I'm Emily Roach, and I'm a teacher, a community builder, and a professional best friend. Which is a freaking awesome job!!! And one I never thought could exist. I never could have created this business if I didn't do the work it took to figure out who I am, what I'm all about, what I want out of life, and what I'm good at. (Which took me yeeeeeears and several career changes to discover!)

I work with folks who are ready to show the fuck up for themselves--to create the life you want to live, to put yourself out in the world as the truest version of who you are, and to embrace the possibilities of who you're meant to be.

I know that "Be yourself" is really easy advice to give and "authenticity" is a really nice buzzword to throw around. But it's way harder to actually implement this Danny Tanner wisdom.

See, I don't think any of us are actively trying to be someone we're not. At least that hasn't been my experience. I never set out to try to trick anyone or to fit in with the popular girls or anything like that. It's more subtle than that.

It's the quiet voices inside that say, "What if I put my whole self out there and nobody likes what they see?" And, "Who am I to do this? What makes me so special?" And, "How do I know the difference between who I really am and who I've just learned to become after all these years?"

It's the years of messages that we shouldn't brag or gloat or shine too brightly. The messages that our light may be too powerful. That we might outshine the people we love, and then where will we be?

It's the gap in skills and lack of information on how to do the business stuff from a place of authenticity. Like even when we get on board and get fired up and we're ready to shine... how do we even do it? With every guru and expert touting a different "right way," how do we know the right way for us?

It's the belief that work has to be hard or that if something is fun or natural, we couldn't possibly earn a living from it.

These are the little things that turned into big things that have held me back from being true to myself in my life and in my business. I've struggled with the same insecurities and fears that you have. And I'm not going to pretend that there's some secret code I cracked to leaving all of those behind and living my best life. No, it's more like a series of small, but powerful shifts I've made and that I continually have to remind myself of and practice. And I want you to pull up a chair right next to mine so I can share everything I've I've discovered with you, so that you don't have to spend years figuring it out on your own like I did.

I believe that you have insanely valuable and unique gifts and that the world wants you to share them.

I believe that you totally have what it takes to learn the skills you need to shine brightly in a noisy, crowded world.

I believe that fun is a crucial element to learning, succeeding, and thriving.

And I believe that when women come together, lean on each other, and support each other, we can be fucking unstoppable.

These core beliefs are the foundation of the Biz BFF Hive, and I can't wait to see you in here!

Sejal Fichadia

Emily teaches from her heart. And while she’s teaching, she never makes you feel like she knows more than you (even though she knows a ton!) instead, it is like you’re learning cool tricks from your BFF (Your Biz BFF that is!)

Sejal Fichadia Kindred Mother Care

Join the Hive Today!

Ready to join this awesome community of business owners? Ready to learn, share, and grow as a business owner in a way that's fun and freeing? Ready to have the knowledge and support you need at your fingertips--just choose a payment option below for instant access to the Biz BFF Hive!

12 Months of Hive Membership

I love payment plans!

12 payments of $125

Affordable monthly payments--billed automagically!

Pay in full and save!

1 payment of $1250

Pay for the year up front and save $250!

The Hive Course Library

As part of your Hive membership, you also get access to an entire library of courses I've created! These courses will teach you how to use all the tech tools and implement all the marketing platforms that support you as a business owner.

New courses are added regularly, and as a Hive member, you get first dibs on requesting new courses! Check out the current and future courses below!

Intro to Instagram
Social Media Scheduling with SmarterQueue
Canva Crash Course
Video Editing with Openshot
Video Editing with Spark
Goal Setting
WordPress 101
Wix 101
Squarespace 101
ConvertKit 101
Mailchimp 101
Facebook Facelift
DIY Business Cards
⭐ Bonus ⭐ Branding from the Inside Out

Plus these future courses!

Facebook Ads
Shopping carts
Acuity Scheduling
Designing PDFs
Sales Page Creation
...and more!


Got Questions? I've Got Answers!

My business is really new--is the Hive for me?

Absolutely! Each lesson in the hive is fun and straightforward so that you can understand it and start applying what you've learned no matter where you are in your business. Plus if anyone needs people to lean on, it's someone who's just starting their biz! The Hive provides a wonderful foundation and support community for new business owners.

I've been in business for years--is the Hive for me?

Hell yeah! I've been in business for 9 1/2 years and I'm still learning new things and discovering new layers of myself everyday. Some of the common themes I see among seasoned business owners is that we feel lonely, burned out, we hit plateaus, or we start to lose sight of why we started our businesses in the first place. The Hive will help you reconnect with yourself and connect with friends who know what it's like to be in your shoes!

What if I get stuck while I'm working?

That's exactly why I've built the Hive as a community. We're here to help you get unstuck and move forward with excitement!

Do I have to keep my questions in the group focused on each month's theme?

Not at all! You can ask about anything you want any time you want! The monthly structure is there to support us throughout the year, not to lock us in to a rigid schedule.

Do I have to participate in the Facebook Group?

Only if you want to! The Facebook Group is a wonderful community resource, but it's only one element of the Hive. Some people choose to do their work privately, some aren't on Facebook but participate in the group calls, and some people come play on Facebook with us all day. You get to make this work for you! However you want to.

This feels like a lot! How will I keep up?

Sales pages (or "invitation pages") are hard. I want to communicate every little thing that comes with your Hive membership so you know what's included and you know if it's the right fit. But I don't want to overwhelm you! You get to make your time in the Hive work for you however you want.

Some people will work through the journal prompts and challenges and spend just a couple hours each month on Hive work. Others will answer every Facebook prompt, devour every course, and be the first to hop on every live call. I've designed this to support you and your schedule and to take the pieces you need and leave the rest. There's no such thing as falling behind.

Do I get private coaching from Emily?

We meet monthly via Zoom Video Chat for group Q&A/Laser Coaching calls. You can post specific questions ahead of time to make sure you get a chance at live coaching! I will always weigh in with my thoughts and questions, and the group will offer feedback as well. This is not the same as private, 1:1 coaching. (I do offer private coaching as well as a small group mastermind if you're interested in deeper support)

What happens at the end of my year in the Hive?

Some folks will find that one year in the Hive is exactly what they need to improve each area of their business and they'll wish us well and fly on. Others will stay in and work through these topics again and again, going deeper each time. Many members choose to stay year after year because the community support is unlike any other group on the internet. The choice is up to you! And you'll have the opportunity to decide at the end of your year.  You get to keep your low membership price for as long as you remain a member.

I have more questions!

Awesome! I love answering questions! Pop me an email and I'll get back to you right away!

Join the Hive Today!

Ready to join this awesome community of business owners? Ready to learn, share, and grow as a business owner in a way that's fun and freeing? Ready to have the knowledge and support you need at your fingertips--just choose a payment option below for instant access to the Biz BFF Hive!

12 Months of Hive Membership

I love payment plans!

12 payments of $125

Affordable monthly payments--billed automagically!

Pay in full and save!

1 payment of $1250

Pay for the year up front and save $250!