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The Biz BFF Hive

Sisterhood, Strategy, and shit tons of Support

Entrepreneurship is a wild and twisty journey

I see you over there, big dreamer! You have all these bold, audacious goals and small, sacred wishes. You're bursting with ideas and excitement! Annnnnd... with fears and doubts and questions and sometimes just pure, unfiltered exhaustion.

Running a business is freaking hard sometimes! It's lonely and confusing and overwhelming and beautiful and exciting and tedious and fun all at the same time! (That's a lot of feelings to feel all at once!)

And sure, you talk to your friends, or maybe even your partner. But they don't really get it. It feels like you're navigating this road all alone.

And with all these big feelings come all the big questions. Like, “With every business guru and expert touting a different 'right way' to do business, how do I know which is the right way for me?” And, “What if I put my whole self out there and nobody likes what they see?" Or, "What if I'm incredibly successful and become a rich, greedy bitch?" Meanwhile that imposter goblin in your ear is asking, "Who am I to do this? What makes me so special?" Even as you experience wins and successes, you hear yourself asking... "Ok, now what?"

Imagine what it would be like if...

  • You had somewhere that you could show up—exactly as you are right now—and connect deeply with other entrepreneurs who get what it's like to walk in your shoes.
  • You could actually build a suuuuper successful business on your own terms, in your way, by being totally you?
  • When you were faced with a challenge, you had a mentor and team of friends by your side to give guidance and cheer you on?
  • Instead of spending hours searching the internet for magic formulas and fail-proof business plans, you already had the answers and skills within you? (And I way to get all that inner genius out!)
  • You had 24/7 access to a library of courses that always had the answer you needed taught in a friendly, approachable way?
  • You had the structure, support, and accountability you needed to actually reach your goals and experience the exact type of success and freedom you've been craving...

What would be possible for you?

I built this magic into The Hive just for you!

I created The Hive to be the type of community I needed to survive the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship. (And to actually enjoy the ride!) I didn't want to join yet another group of thousands where I could pick up a few tips but never make real connections. I wanted a haven for business owners to become good friends. A space where we could sit around and talk about business and life, cry, laugh, mess up, learn, succeed, and celebrate!

I'm not going to pretend that there was some secret code I cracked to leave all my fears and insecurities behind in order to live my best life and build a successful business. No. There is no secret code. 

It’s more like a series of small, but powerful shifts. Ones that take continuous practice — and regular reminders to do that practice! The biggest ‘secret’ I’ve learned is this: with the right support, you can be a beautifully imperfect work-in-progress and still find wild, joyous success on your terms.

The Hive is where you can receive that support.

The Hive is not a place where you ever have to worry about fitting in or filling a mold. Because no matter who you are, no matter where you're from, no matter what your own personal flavor of weird is... you belong here exactly as you are right now.

The Biz BFF Hive

The online community you've been waiting for

In the 2021 Hive Cohort You Get a Full Year of...


Like for real. The Hive is designed to empower, nurture, and stretch you to achieve your goals with guidance from an experienced coach — one that believes in you with her whole entire heart. 💖 Each year’s Hive cohort is kept intentionally small so that every member has plenty of access to me (Your Biz BFF, Emily!) Because I want nothing more than to pull up a chair alongside yours and share everything I’ve learned  in my 11-years as a serial entrepreneur with you.

On top of our monthly coaching calls, co-working sessions, and workshops, I am personally in the Facebook group each day hanging out, giving gobs of encouragement, answering your questions with 100% realness, sharing plenttyyyy of GIFs, and continuously reminding you that you have permission to fully be YOU.


You’ll be a part of a suuuper supportive group of encouraging, honest, brilliant entrepreneurs from all over the world. You’ll cheer each other on, lift each other up, and help each other succeed. And since you and your Hive cohort will be on a year-long journey together you’ll have space to get to know one another, create genuine connections, and build deep, sacred trust. This creates an incredible, magical container for you to practice courage, strengthen your capabilities, and express your truest self creatively. 

Your Hive sisters are the people who will give you advice when you're stuck, encourage you when you're struggling, and earnestly celebrate each and every little win with you. (Jealousy and judgment never enter the scene here!)


You won’t find any one-size-fits-all teachings here! The Hive is about digging in deep. It’s about exploring and experimenting with just enough structure to guide you along the way. You are a whole, unique human and you deserve a whole, unique business strategy!

Using my thoughtful, super-flexy system we’ll walk through each facet of your business to grow from exactly where you are right now. I am here to help you find the strategy that works for your unique business. We’ll spend the year exploring and improving every area of your business in a way that's easy, freeing, and fun!


Your days of wasting hours on YouTube listening to hyped up digital marketers bro-splain business to you through long, jargon-filled tutorials are over! 

The Hive includes 24/7 access to an extensive library of courses to dive deep into any area of your business and learn how to use tech tools quickly and easily!

As a former middle school Algebra teacher, I know how to make even the intimidating topics feel approachable. Each lesson in the Hive library gives fun, friendly, easy to understand, step-by-step instructions.

Plus I'm always creating new courses and tutorials based on what you want to learn!

Check out a list of current courses here

Susannah alexander

Nutrition with Susannah

Emily puts so much of herself into the group--everyone always feels supported and motivated

I have grown so inspired by Emily’s upbeat approach and easy-to-follow lessons, and I’ve been using the skills she taught me ever since her first Canva training 4 years ago. Naturally when she started a group for like-minded business owners I jumped at the chance to be a part of it, and I’ve been a member of the Hive since the beginning.

I’m a member of many other business clubs, but I suspect they will come and go, whereas the Hive will be forever. What I particularly love about the Hive is the supportive community which Emily has created. No problem is too big or too small for the Hive mind. Emily puts so much of herself into the group–everyone always feels supported and motivated whatever stage they are in, and whatever obstacles are in their way.

Sam Lidford

Life Coach

It's the place I can show up whole and imperfect.

“The Hive is the place I can come and be real. I can say I’m struggling and I need help with this stuff. Every other group I’m in is more about prospecting and connecting with ideal clients, so I show up just to give. But in the Hive I can give and receive support. It’s the place I can show up whole and imperfect.

mereann reid

Play Therapist & Parent Educator

Thanks for building this clubhouse that spans the globe and has room for such a range of entrepreneurs!

Emily’s endless enthusiasm and whole hearted encouragement are what brought me in. I’m staying for the connection to solid visionary sisterhood and accountability that spans all our different industries. I feel right at home, and I can bring my money talk, marketing questions, and ambitious goals without queen bees batting an eye—they expect it, and show up in-kind!

Jacqui john

Food Blogger • Brissie Bites

I never could have done this without the Hive

Hey Emily! Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!!! Omg your new lessons are THE BEST!

Holy crap, I’ve been so busy—I have three restaurant reviews this week plus a celebrity lunch on the weekend—Emily what is happening?! Who would have ever thought I’d be this confident business owner?! (Well you probably did.)

I never could have done this without the Hive. You all picked me up when I was ready to throw in the towel—and now look at how far I’ve come! Thank you.

Registration opens next fall

The 2021 cohort of The Hive is FULL already 💛 Leave your info below & I'll email you when we open up for 2022!

Your info's safe with me, pinky promise! Read my full privacy policy.

What's included in The Hive


Monthly group coaching calls to dive deeper into your specific business and life questions — get real time coaching support in the exact areas you need

easy roadmap

Systematically check in with yourself with quick, intuitive journal prompts. Get clear about how running your business on your terms looks for YOU!

Private facebook group

Connect with your Hive sisters any time for advice, encouragement, support, celebration, accountability, virtual hugs, and all the GIFs!

quarterly planning

Printable goal-setting worksheets and planner pages + live calls to work through your goals and plans as a group

virtual coworking

Working at home doesn't have to be lonely. Get stuff done with a little friendship and fun during virtual coworking power hours

deep-dive topics

Thought-provoking lessons, journal prompts, and action plans to help you build, grow, improve, or streamline any area of your business

skill-builder courses

Learn how to do what you need to do when you need to do it! Bite-sized lessons and easy tutorials to help with all nitty gritty tech stuff.

additional workshops

I host many virtual workshops throughout the year, and Hive members always attend FREE! (Plus in-person workshops when safe to resume!)

We rotate through a variety of call times to meet the needs of our bees in time zones all over the world!

All calls are recorded in case you can't attend live.

Hi! I'm Emily!!! And I saved you a seat next to me...

I'm Emily Roach, and I'm a teacher, a community builder, and a professional best friend (what a freaking awesome job!)

I work with folx who are ready to show the fuck up for themselves — to create the life you want to live, to put yourself out in the world as the truest version of who you are, and to embrace the possibilities of who you're meant to be. (Even if that sounds a little scary... because I'll be here to hold your hand!)

I believe that…

  • you have incredibly valuable and unique gifts and that the world wants you to share them.
  • you totally have what it takes to learn the skills you need to shine brightly in a noisy, crowded world.
  • fun is a crucial element to learning, succeeding, and thriving.
  • when people come together, lean on each other, and support each other, we can be fucking unstoppable.

And it’s these core beliefs that are the very foundation of the Biz BFF Hive. I can't wait to see you there! 

Sejal Fichadia

Doula • Kindred Mother Care

Emily teaches from her heart

Emily teaches from her heart. And while she’s teaching, she never makes you feel like she knows more than you (even though she knows a ton!) instead, it is like you’re learning inside business secrets from your BFF (Your Biz BFF!)

Erika Swafford


From floundering on my own to feeling like a pro

Emily changed the way I do business. I feel ready to share my ideas and products with confidence. I went from floundering on my own to feeling and looking like a pro by taking Branding from the Inside Out. Emily made things so simple! She is fun and enthusiastic. She makes everyone feel welcome and helps each of us when we get stuck.

Abbi Wood

Wordsmith • Biznality

Easy to follow and to the point

My favorite thing about Emily's courses is that she keeps the videos easy to follow and to the point! I can pop in and do one module to learn one new thing without it taking up my whole day. I was so excited when I heard about the Hive! I'd already worked my way through the Canva Crash Course and Branding from the Inside Out, so joining the Hive was a no-brainer for me.

Registration opens next fall

The 2021 cohort of The Hive is FULL already 💛 Leave your info below & I'll email you when we open up for 2022!

Your info's safe with me, pinky promise! Read my full privacy policy.

What about that course library?

Deep-Dive Topics

Become a time boss

Ok, confession... I don't think we can actually manage time. But we can manage how we spend our time. We can manage our behavior. We can manage our energy. We can set ourselves up with a schedule that fits who we are and how we work. Create your own definition of "productivity" and show the f up for yourself--work on habits that support you in feeling like you're using your time in a way that aligns with your values. At the end of this module, you'll be all set to have another amazing year!

your badass brand presence

Branding is a big, vague word that really just means showing up in the way you want to show up. Are people seeing the real you when they interact with your business? Explore who you are and how to show up as your truest self in all areas of your business.

Already have a brand design? Then get ready to dive even deeper into who you are and how you want to show up! We'll approach branding from many angles, so you'll be able to grow from wherever you are right now.

***Bonus! Branding from the Inside Out is included as a bonus in your Hive membership! If it's time to work on the foundation of your brand and create beautiful visual brand elements, this is the perfect time to join! This $597 course is now included in your membership!***

your dreamiest dream clients

Define your ideal customer and target market in a way that's more intuitive and fun than traditional client avatar exercises. Get to the heart of who you really want to work with and how you can show up in a way that attracts the people you love working with most.

offers that sell out

Create and package offers that people love to buy! We'll explore your whole business model and how it's working for you. Then we'll zoom in to focus on your actual offers and how to structure your products and services in a way that supports your clients and supports you!

sales without sleaze

Ahhh, asking for the sale! Whether you're completely terrified of selling or all you freaking do is sell, I bet there's something about selling you wish was easier. We'll work on how you can invite people to open their wallets in a way that feels fun, easy, and light. (You can totally sell without feeling like a gross used car salesman!)

nurturing and engaging your audience

What do we do in between promotions and sales? We nurture our audience so they keep loving us and they're prepped to buy from us when we invite them to buy! We'll work on fun, engaging ways to keep your audience obsessed with you in between promotions.

never-ending leads

There's a big difference between marketing to strangers who have never heard of you and marketing to a warm audience who knows who you are and what you're all about. We'll work on turning strangers into warm leads by creating and sharing an opt-in offer that feels totally aligned to your services/products.

Glorious audience growth

Explore different strategies for attracting new people into your audience, and choose the tactics that feel most exciting to try. We'll take the pressure off by approaching marketing, ads, and SEO as an experiment (Yay, science!)

money love & pricing for profit

Ooo, we're going to dive into your relationship with money! How you feel about it, how  you tend to it, and what you desire when it comes to the earning, spending, care & keeping of all things moneyyyyy

Once we have all of our money baggage cleared, we can approach pricing from a heart-centered, authentic place and feel really really good about charging what we want to charge. We'll look at pricing from many angles, including pricing products, services, and information in a way that both funds your lifestyle and gives you an edge in competitive markets

Skill-Builder Courses

Unlock Your Brand Style

Canva Crash Course

GOAL Setting

Intro to Instagram

Business Card Basics

Social Media Scheduling

Wordpress 101

Video Editing

Social Media Images That Rock



SquareSpace 101

Instagram Stories

Networking with LinkedIn

Authentic Email Marketing

Wix 101

As Levar Burton says... you don't have to take my word for it!

Karen Smith

Eating Behavior Coach

By far my most productive year

The year I have been a Hive member is by far my most productive year… when I am sitting there doubting myself, the Hive energy gives me the shift I need. It is an amazing group of souls.

michaela chevalier testimonial headshot
Michaela Chevalier

MoonBerry Creative

My go-to resource! Incredible insight into what matters for womxn entrepreneurs

I used to scour the internet looking for videos or articles to help me with various business tasks. Now when it comes to anything technology or design, my go to resource is The Hive! All of Emily's courses are carefully put together using her skills and background in education, technology, and design. Emily knows just how to break things down from start to finish and she has incredible insight into what matters for us as womxn entrepreneurs. I highly recommend The Hive to all of my entrepreneur friends.

Jodee schrlau


It gives me hope and reminds me there's a solution for every challenge

It is so encouraging to see how Hive members are overcoming the challenges they are facing. It gives me hope and reminds me there is a solution for every challenge we face. Sometimes I just need help to see it. Emily's upbeat, fun loving, sparkling leadership is a blessing as I trudge through learning something new.

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What's Emily's commitment to diversity and inclusion?

Registration opens next fall

The 2021 cohort of The Hive is FULL already 💛 Leave your info below & I'll email you when we open up for 2022!

Your info's safe with me, pinky promise! Read my full privacy policy.