Entrepreneurship is a lot like a road trip. Parts of the ride will be smooth and speedy, and parts will be rocky, stormy, and take you on all sorts of detours. But with the right crew, your favorite mixed tape, and an ample supply of snacks, even the twistiest journeys are worth taking!

The roadmaps

Download any Roadmap you need here


Get a clear picture of where you're heading this year--and who you want to bring along for the ride!


Creating time for our goals and priorities is the foundation for all the growth and discovery in store this year


March's Roadmap will be available to download on March 1st.

Of course every road trip needs a map! But here's the thing... there's no one-size fits all map for your unique journey. You'll be forging your path as you move through the year, so you'll also be creating your map as you go! (Don't worry, I'll guide you through it.)

Each month's roadmap is a series of journal questions. They'll guide you through all the facets of your business as well as help you check in with yourself and your priorities to make sure you're on track to creating the business and life you want!

The current month's roadmap will always be posted in Hive HQ, and you can find previous months' roadmaps here. You do not have to do the roadmaps in order! (When is anything in business ever perfectly linear?) Make these work for you, ! You're in the driver's seat, after all.