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Branding from the Inside Out - Branding from the Inside Out is now INCLUDED in your Hive membership! WOOHOO!!!!

This 6-module course will guide you to the core of what makes you YOU, what sets your business apart, and how to express your signature style. Then we translate all that awesome-sauce into colors, fonts, and even how to design your very  own logo!

You'll finish this course with a complete visual brand identity.

G.O.A.L. Setting - We all have hopes, dreams, and aspirations... but are these really goals? How do we set goals that really light us up instead of trudging through heavy shoulds and expectations? And once we've set them... how do we set ourselves up to achieve them?

Social Media Scheduling with SmarterQueue - Spend less time on social media by scheduling posts ahead of time! SmarterQueue is the best value I've found when it comes to social media schedulers. Learn how to set it up and get the most out of it with this course!

Social Media Images That Rock - Learn how to design eye-catching social media images using Canva. I share my best design tips for professional-looking images, easy step-by-step tutorials to create the graphics you want to create, and my time-saving template tricks

Unlock the Power of Instagram Stories - Instagram stories are a fun and powerful way to increase engagement, connect deeply with your audience, and drive sales on Instagram! But most of us don't know how to utilize this feature effectively! We'll explore Instagram stories and how you can use them to grow your business. (This is an edited recording of a live workshop, rather than a series of bite sized lessons.)

Intro to Instagram - Everything you've ever wanted to know about Instagram in one convenient course! From creating your account to hashtags to Instagram stories, it's all in here!

LinkedIn - Elizabeth Case from Yellow Dog Consulting joins us to share her insight on following up with networking connections using LinkedIn! She gives us a tour of LinkedIn, important profile sections to fill out, and shares the etiquette of posting and connecting on this platform!

Facebook Facelift - Give your Facebook business page a makeover in just 5 lessons! Learn how to create a powerful call to action, optimize your cover photo, create an easy-to-navigate page layout and schedule your posts for more engagement with less effort!

Canva Crash Course - Learn the ins and outs of this powerful, free design software! Get acquainted with Canva, learn how to use images, text, shapes, colors, and photos in 6 short, easy lessons. This primer class is perfect for beginners, and even seasoned pros learn something new.

DIY Business Card Design - Design your own professional-looking business cards using Canva. Learn what to include (and what not to include) on your cards, how to design the cards you want, and where to get them printed.

MailChimp 101 - Navigate your way through MailChimp! Learn how to use the popular FREE email newsletter program. Create lists, design and share sign up forms, send campaigns, and set up simple automations.

ConvertKit 101 - Unlock the power of ConvertKit! Learn how to use this remarkable email newsletter program. Design and share sign up forms, send broadcasts, set up automated sequences, and learn how to tag subscribers based on their behavior, interests, and purchases!

Customize Your Website - Customize your website to reflect your branding and style with these fun and easy lessons. Learn how to upload your logo, change colors and fonts, add pages, start a blog, and more! (Currently covering WordPress, SquareSpace and Wix)

Video Editing with Openshot - Edit your own videos with this free editing software! Openshot is more robust than Adobe Spark, but still simple and intuitive to use. This course will teach you how to cut clips, attach multiple video clips, add titles and captions, and add background music.

Video Editing with Adobe Spark - Make your own videos with this super easy (and FREE) program from adobe! Use Spark to make slideshows, promotional videos, tutorials, anything you can imagine. Learn how to merge video clips, add music and voiceovers, and add titles and captions.