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Fill out the form below for access to the entire Biz BFF Hive--a library of courses and community of supportive entrepreneurs just like you. You will be billed annually, and can cancel your membership at any time.

Since you are putting your Facebook Facelift course fee toward your membership, your payment right now is only $193 for your entire first year of membership. You will be charged $290 per year after that, and can cancel at any time.

Checking out is easy, and all your info is safe and secure! 

Step 1: Enter your name and create a username & password (you'll use these to log in to the hive)

Step 2: Click "add billing method" to pay securely through Stripe. A box will pop up to enter your payment info. (If nothing happens, make sure popups are enabled in your browser!)

Step 3: After you enter your information, you must click the big pink "let me in" button to complete your order and get access to the Hive!

Once you submit payment, you'll be redirected to a success page. That's when you know you're registered!

You should also receive a welcome email from me with login instructions! If you don't receive that within 30 minutes of registering, please email me at emily [at] bizbff [dot] com

If you have ANY trouble registering, please email me! I am here to help.

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