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FREE 5-Day Challenge with Emily Roach of Biz BFF • June 10th-14th

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I see you, big dreamer!

You know "setting goals" is the first step to success, but what does that even mean?! How do you choose the right goals? And then how the hell do you actually achieve them?

If you have big dreams, but no idea where to actually start... If you're tired of setting goals and falling short month after month... If you're so busy with the daily hustle you can't actually grow your business... If your running around pleasing everyone but yourself...

this workshop is for you!

In this free, 5-day challenge, I'll teach you the exact method I use to reach my goals every. single. month!

  • Set goals you're actually EXCITED to work on each day
  • Learn what to focus on to ACHIEVE your goals (every time!)
  • Create a fool-proof ACTION PLAN designed to turn dreams into results
  • Find TIME to work on your goals without sacrificing sleep, client work, or family time
  • Create an emergency toolkit for when LIFE gets in the way

I failed at every goal I set for a solid year.

No seriously... huge launches with zero sales, spending countless hours creating complex funnels for nothing, writing out beautiful plans for a new offer and then abandoning them before I start... even when my goals were tiny, like, "make enough to make my car payment" I fell flat!

Now, I achieve every goal I set. Every. Single. Goal. And it's not because I've lowered my ambition! My goals are just as big and lofty as ever. But now I set the right goals, write out a fool-proof (and lazy-proof) action plan, and know how to put boundaries around my time so I'm set up for success.

I've developed an EASY goal-getting method that works for me and is working for my clients--and I can't wait to share it with you!


Hey! I'm Emily, and I teach entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners how to tap into their true potential and achieve mind-blowing success. I can't wait to teach you my revolutionary approach to goal setting so you can turn your big dreams into big reality! I'll see you on the 10th!

Turn your dreams into reality

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I value your privacy. Your info is safe and secure.