Let's Manage Our Money without Losing Our Minds

An interactive, online workshop and safe space for small business owners to talk about alllllll things money • July 23rd • 11am

Thursday, 7/23 11am-12:30pm PDT

(recording will be sent out, too!)
Cost: $15

"Managing money" seems so... Boring? Hard? Scary? Mathy? Overwhelming? Stressful?

And how do we deal with the desire to earn more with the baggage we carry about greed and materialism?

Should we even be talking about this during a recession?! (Hell yeah, we should!)

In this 90-minute, interactive workshop, we're going to explore all of our money shit in a fun, safe space!

hosted by Emily Roach


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Write your own true definition of "financial freedom"

Explore all your money shit--your desires, your hangups, your fears--in a safe, brave, and judgment-free space

Learn fun, practical strategies to mange money, finances, and bookkeeping in your business (and your real, everyday life)

Create an easy action plan to work toward your ultimate vision of financial freedom!

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Who is this Biz BFF lady? Oh hi! I'm Emily!

I bring entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small business owners together to think creatively and act courageously in their businesses and lives.

For so long, I thought the only path to financial freedom was to make more money. (I mean... obviously, right?) But somehow the more money I made, the more money I spent! I wasn't feeling free at all.

Eventually I realized that my financial situation had way more to do with how I thought about and managed the money I already had, and I had to get my current money shit in order before more revenue could make a difference.

So pull up a seat next to me, my friend. Let's dig into this messy world of money together!

How does this virtual workshop work? (What will we do during our 90 minutes together?)

It's like an in-person, hands-on workshop and an online webinar had a love child!


We meet virtually using Zoom video chat

When you sign up, you'll receive the link to download Zoom on your computer or mobile device, access via the web, or call in from the phone. The entire workshop is online, so you can tune in from anywhere in the world!


I'll share lessons and creative exercises with the whole group

I'll break down the secrets and systems I've discovered to experiencing financial freedom no matter how much money I'm bringing in. This will not be your typical, boring webinar, and I will not talk at you! Making boring shit fun is my thing!


We'll break into small groups for deeper understanding and connection

We'll use Zoom Breakout Rooms to connect in small groups and work through fun, interactive activities.


You get the recording to keep forever

Isn't technology amazing? I'll record our session so that you can keep and watch this workshop whenever you want! (So if you can't attend live, but you want financial freedom in your life and business, you should totally still sign up!)

So what Are You Waiting For? Let’s talk about moneeeey!