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Facebook can be suuuuuuuch a pain!

and it's probably sucking up all of your time

I hear you venting your Facebook frustrations...

  • You spend hours designing the perfect graphics, and then you post and... crickets.
  • You have lots of "likes" but they never turn into sales, so what's the point?
  • Coming up with something to post is totally overwhelming. What are you supposed to say?
  • Every time you get the hang of things, Facebook changes. You can't keep up!
  • Why even bother with Facebook? Only paid ads get seen anyway.

You're asking yourself,
"Do I even need a Facebook page anymore?"

Yeah. You do. But it doesn't have to be torture.

Facebook has changed A LOT over the years, but let's be real--it's not going anywhere. It's still the #1 social media platform (and they own pretty much all the other big plaftorms). So like it or not, your customers are hanging out on Facebook.

Which means YOU need a Facebook presence.

Your business needs a Facebook page and it needs to show current content. When people find your page on Facebook, there needs to be something there so they don't think you died or went out of business.

And your page needs to easily direct people to how they work with you (so they can give you money!)

But who has time to sit on Facebook all day crafting the perfect posts and obsessing over analytics?

What if you could overhaul your Facebook page in just one week?

And then set it on autopilot so that it WORKS FOR YOU instead of feeling like you're a slave to it

Let's imagine our dream Facebook world for a moment...

  • What if someone landed on your page and found a beautiful, branded representation of your business with fresh, engaging content?
  • What if your page converted visitors to raving fans, newsletter subscribers, and yes--even buyers?
  • And what if you could create a clear plan for future posts and automate everything so you can free up time for more important things. Like... you know... running your business?

Sound like a pipe dream?

I thought so, too! Until I gave my business a

I'm Emily Roach, and my Facebook page used to be a hot mess. I spent TONS of time on Facebook, but zero time on my page. After all, the algorithms make it hard to ever get seen, right? So what's the point of putting anything on my page? Way better (and more fun) to spend all my time interacting in groups instead.

Then one day I got a message that slapped some sense into me. It said, "Hi. I've heard great things about you. But... are you still in business?"

What?! Why would she think I wasn't in business? I mean my website is on the page somewhere, right? And I post... sometimes. And, um, people are saying great things great things so... clearly I'm still in business, right?

But then... why would she think I was open for business? My Facebook page--which is where her friend sent her--was a total dud. I had no clear call to action, so people didn't even know what to DO when they got to my page. My cover photo was outdated and awkward looking because I didn't update it when Facebook changed the dimensions. And the first thing people saw was a video from 6 months ago! No wonder she was confused!

It turns out a bunch of us have similar stories

After my aha moment about my own Facebook page, I started asking other business owners about their experiences. Some of you feel frozen like you don't know where to start. Some of you are overwhelmed by the idea of frequent posting. Some of you feel like you're doing everything right, but you aren't seeing results. Some of you are ready to give up on Facebook altogether.

There are things about Facebook that we can't change. But there are things that we CAN do to improve our pages, increase engagement, and convert visitors to buyers.

And it's not overwhelming when we start with a clear plan. I fixed my own page, and I'm here to help you fix yours!

That's why I created Facebook Facelift

Give your Facebook page a total makeover in less than a week!

What you'll learn

Facebook Facelift is a 5 part, step-by-step ecourse

Lesson 1: Your Call to Action

  • Decide the ONE action you want your Facebook page visitors to take
  • Set up your Call to Action button
  • Show your business as your workplace on your personal profile*

*Some people don't do this for privacy reasons and that's totally ok! It's optional!

Lesson 2: Your Cover Photo

  • Design an eye-catching cover photo that makes your business shine
  • Lead people to click your Call to Action button
  • Ensure your cover photo looks good on desktop AND mobile devices

Lesson 3: Your Page Layout

  • Design your Facebook Page layout so that it showcases your best content
  • Decide which tabs make the most sense to show to your page visitors
  • Make sure essential info is clearly displayed so people can hire you or buy from you!

Lesson 4: Planning Your Posts

  • Learn about different types of post and determine which are best for you and your business
  • Brainstorm a wealth of ideas for future posts so you're never stuck wondering what to say
  • Create a consistent content plan you can actually stick to

Lesson 5: Facebook on Autopilot

  • Plan a week's worth of content (or more) in one sitting
  • Schedule your posts for the future (you're not tied to Facebook all day every day!)
  • Learn to repurpose and auto-post the content you're already posting in other places

What You Get (Course Format)

  • Video Lessons

    5 easy-to-follow video lessons that guide you through EXACTLY what to do to upgrade your Facebook page

  • Plus Lesson 0 - Evaluating your current Facebook page

    I’ll walk you through evaluating your current Facebook page to make a plan for improvement before you jump in to lesson 1

  • Engaging Worksheets

    Plan and implement your Facebook changes with fun, thought-provoking worksheets

  • Lifetime Access

    Once you purchase this course, you own it FOREVER! Watch each lesson at your own pace and revisit it as often as you need.

Emily teaches from her heart. And while she’s teaching, she never makes you feel like she knows more than you–instead, it is like you’re learning cool tricks from your BFF (Your Biz BFF that is!)

Sejal Fichadia Kindred Mother Care

Are you ready to give your Facebook page a facelift?

Start turning likes into leads and fans into customers with a Facebook page that's fresh and engaging.

Join now for only $29

Save 70% - This special price is only available until midnight tonight!

So who's this Biz BFF lady, anyway?

I'm Emily Roach - the algebra-teacher-turned-design-diva behind Facebook Facelift

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a big heart and a not-so-secret obsession with 90s pop music, Gilmore Girls, and honey lattes. And I can’t wait to teach you how to make over your Facebook page!

In 2009, I started a business designing wedding invitations and personal stationery. It began as a side gig--a creative outlet at a time my teaching job wasn’t allowing much creativity. When I got pregnant in 2010, I decided to see if I could turn my “little etsy shop” into a full time income that would allow me to work from home with my baby. I had no formal business training (aside from many childhood entrepreneurial ventures), so I fumbled through with a lot of trial and error--figuring out what worked and what didn’t. Luckily, I’m a scrappy DIYer, so that’s just the way I like it!

A few years after going full time with my business, I remembered how much I missed teaching.

I had to find a way back to what I was born to do, but I didn't want to let go of entrepreneurship. So I started teaching other business owners how to do their own design work, and Biz BFF was born!

I love that now I get to combine my love of teaching with my love of design and help business owners create their own remarkable businesses that attract customers, clients, and raving fans in a way that feels authentic, cozy, and fun.

Abbi Wood, wordsmith, member of the Biz BFF Hive

My favorite thing about Emily’s courses is that she keeps the videos easy to follow and to the point! I can pop in and do one lesson to learn one new thing without it taking up my whole day. I was so excited when I heard about this! I’d already worked my way through the canva crash course and Branding from the Inside Out, so joining was a no-brainer for me!”

Abbi Wood Abbi Wood Wordsmith

I get it--there are a million courses out there, each promising results more dazzling than the last. And some just don’t live up to the hype. This is NOT one of those courses.

I have complete faith that your Facebook Facelift will increase your engagement and conversions. So if you find that after you’ve completed the coursework and implemented the recommended changes, you didn’t get your money’s worth, I will buy it back from you.

Here’s the catch: I do ask that you show up and do the work. To qualify for a refund, you’ll be asked to submit your completed worksheets and show that you gave this course your best effort. This refund window is open for the 30 days from the time you purchase, so you have plenty of time to give this a try! 

Are you ready to give your Facebook page a facelift?

Start turning likes into leads and fans into customers with a Facebook page that's fresh and engaging.

Join now for only $29

Save 70% - This special price is only available until midnight tonight!

Got Questions? I've Got Answers!

  • When do I get access to the course?

    Immediately! As soon as you purchase the course, you will get an email with access instructions.

  • What if I'm really busy?

    You get LIFETIME ACCESS to this course! So you don’t need to watch or complete them on any special schedule–learn whenever you want!

  • How much time does each lesson take?

    I know you’re super busy! I don’t waste any time with fluff and stuff, I get right to the point in super short, actionable video lessons.

    If you want to do your whole Facebook Facelift in 5 days, set aside about 1 hour per day to watch and implement each lesson. But if you don’t have that much time, that’s ok! You can spread the lessons out over a longer period and work on them for just 10 or 15 minutes a day! (Lifetime access, remember?)

  • Are we going to cover Facebook ads? What about Instagram?

    We could probably fill an entire year with daily lessons on ALL there is to do on Facebook! But the best courses focus on ONE thing. So THIS course is about making over your Facebook business page so that it is more effective, engages your audience, and converts fans into leads.

    If you’re interested in learning more about Facebook ads, Instagram, or anything else, consider joining my membership group, the Biz BFF Hive.

  • Do I have to decide today?

    This price is only available for 24 hours! So yeah… you have to decide today! After that, the price goes back to $97. Which is still totally worth it, but come on… we all love a deal!

  • I'm just not sure I have the money...

    I get it. Investing in your education and in your business is scary. And I would never want someone to spend money they don’t have. I have never met anyone who has regretted investing in her education and knowledge, though.

    Think of it this way… have you ever just thrown money away by boosting a post that never turned into a sale? This course will teach you how to make your Facebook page work for you so that you can stop doing that. And for less than the price of a fancy date night!

    Plus, with the 30-day money back guarantee, it’s a total no-risk investment!

Emily’s courses changed the way I do business. I feel ready to share my ideas and products with confidence. I went from floundering on my own to looking like a pro by taking her courses. Emily made things so simple! She is fun and enthusiastic. She makes everyone feel welcome and helps each of us when we got stuck.

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Are you ready to give your Facebook page a facelift?

Start turning likes into leads and fans into customers with a Facebook page that's fresh and engaging.

Join now for only $29

Save 70% - This special price is only available until midnight tonight!