You're ready for your business to stand out from the crowd

and you're sick of feeling like your business is invisible.

Raise your hand if any of these sound familiar...

  • You have something great to offer the world... if only people actually knew what you did!
  • You know you’d get more sales if your website didn’t look like your cousin made it for you in 1996
  • You want to post on social media more, but it takes you 3 hours to make one image
  • You get a little jealous when you see perfect branding, but you also don't want to be fake
  • You're DIYing everything right now, but design your own logo?! That sounds hard!
  • There are so many pretty colors and fun fonts out there--how could you ever choose?
  • You're not even sure you know what branding MEANS! (But you think you still need it!)

You don't need to keep feeling this way!

What if you could have the gorgeous brand identity you crave?

without the professional price tag or spending months figuring it all out yourself!

Imagine what it would be like to...

  • Feel confident every time you handed your business card to a stranger
  • Shave hours off your design time and get back to the work you love doing
  • Turn your hot mess of a brand into a cohesive and stylish identity
  • Grab your dream client’s attention with dynamic visuals
  • Build brand recognition that sets your images apart on social media
  • Become the designer of your dreams instead of struggling to search for her
  • Look like the badass professional you totally are

It's time to figure this whole branding thing out once and for all

And I'm here to help you! That's why I've created...

a step-by-step ecourse that teaches you how to design a brand you love

In my work as a graphic designer, one common problem has stuck out–I meet so many women who have amazing ideas for their business--but they get stuck when it comes to communicating them in a way that’s unique, authentic, and eye-catching. They’re discouraged–by their roadblocks with creativity, by technical challenges with software, and by mixed messages from the noisy internet world. Yet business owners everywhere continue to stumble their way through creating their own materials.

That’s where I come in! I created this class to give entrepreneurs a new option when it comes to their branding and design work. I'll help you dig deep to find the real heart of your brand and then walk you through designing every element of your brand style guide using free software. Branding and design don’t have to be a struggle anymore!

This course changed the way I do business. I feel ready to share my ideas and products with confidence. I went from floundering on my own to looking like a pro by taking this course. Emily made things so simple! She is fun and enthusiastic. She makes everyone feel welcome and helped each of us when we got stuck.

Erika Swafford Erika Swafford Photography

What you'll learn

Branding from the Inside Out consists of 6 Modules

Module 1: Let's Dig Deep

We’ll define your brand’s core values, your super powers, and your unique flavor as a business owner. During this module you’ll:

  • Learn how a dirty martini changed my entire perspective on branding
  • Discover why it's really not all about your logo
  • Learn what the hell visual branding is and what it can do for your business
  • The exact place to start your journey toward building an authentic brand
  • Celebrate and share your unique super powers (and learn how the very things I was teased for in high school have become my greatest asset and landed more clients than anything else)

Module 2: Setting the Mood

Break out the gluesticks, we’ll start to define a visual identity by creating a mood board. During this module you’ll:

  • Use images to evoke feeeeeeelings
  • Find inspiration all around you (not just on Pinterest!)
  • Learn how your dream client fits into this picture (and how your branding can make her excited to say "Here! Take my money!")
  • Express your personal style in a way that feels comfy and looks totally profesh
  • Create a mood board collage to serve as inspiration for the rest of your branding work

Module 3: Color your World

Easier than getting dressed in the morning. We'll define your brand's color palette. During this module you’ll:

  • Communicate your brand’s personality instantly with the right color palette
  • Attract your dreamiest dream clients with color psychology
  • Choose a go-to colors that look amazing together so you never have to make a color decision ever again
  • Find out what those funny #letternumber combos mean and how they save you tons of time
  • Hear why I spend every weekend at Home Depot (and how it relates to branding!)

Module 4: What the Font!

We’ll choose your go-to brand fonts (Comic Sans be damned!) During this module you’ll:

  • Communicate your brand style through typography (that's a fancy word for fonts)
  • Save yourself from the 7 deadly sins of fonts
  • Pair fonts like a pro so you stop looking like a crazy person
  • Find the highest quality fonts without breaking the bank
  • Learn what to do when you can't use the font you want

Module 5: No Logo? No Problem!

We’ll design a logo from scratch (no design degree required) During this module you’ll:

  • Learn five types of logos and which kind YOU should have
  • Design your own logo using FREE design software! (Even if you’re not an artist)
  • Avoid common logo blunders
  • Learn how (and why) to create alternate versions of your logo for different uses

Module 6: Your Brand in Action

Never spend an hour staring at a blank screen again! We’ll design your brand style guide. During this module you’ll:

  • Create a Pinterest-worthy brand board using free design software
  • Use your brand board as an anchor to stay consistent in your future design work
  • Learn techniques for using fonts, shapes, colors, and photos in your designs
  • Learn my best tips for designing for web, social media, and print
  • Graduate with a totally professional brand identity that YOU designed for yourself! Get ready to take the world by storm!

Registration for the Self-Paced Summer Session is OPEN!

Are you ready to design your own breathtaking brand identity? Then what are you waiting for? Choose a payment option below!

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I took Emily’s Branding From the Inside Out and loved every minute. Not only did I gain great value out of the class sessions, the best part was I had a time set aside to focus on my rebranding and actually got tasks done that would have taken me months, just with life getting in the way. I progressed quickly in getting my brand colors, which I love now, newly designed cards, and social media layouts that I can do MYSELF with confidence from what I learned. I am now excited about my branding and can’t wait to share it everywhere. Emily was super friendly and fun to work with. I look forward to the next class she offers.

Kate Byer Kate Byer Interior Design

More things you should know

  • We'll work with entirely FREE web-based programs

    I’ll show you how to save money in every aspect of your brand identity and help you determine where to invest a little more and where you can save. Good branding doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

    We’ll be using Canva for most of our design work. (For logos, I recommend Google Draw or PicMonky–and I’ll show you exactly how to use those too!)

  • Don't worry about getting stuck

    You can ask questions about any module, any lesson, any activity, or anything related to branding and design! I’m not just throwing videos at you and expecting you to learn on your own. I am right here with you and ready to help.

  • You’ll be joining a group of entrepreneurs with similar goals

    Doesn’t it feel better knowing you’re not alone? To me, this is the best part of taking a course–connecting with others and bonding with them through a shared learning experience. The group support and encouragement I’ve seen in past rounds of Brandng from the Inside Out has been one of my favorite things to witness!

  • This is a self-paced course

    As soon as you register, you’ll get instant access to all the modules and the supportive facebook community.

    Each module is broken into bite-sized lessons so you can learn at your own pace. (Binge watch in a day or watch one video each day while you eat breakfast.)

    Don’t worry about ever “falling behind” because this content is yours forever! Which brings me to…

  • You will have lifetime access to this course and all future updates!

    Woah. Mind-blowing, right? This means you don’t have to wait until next time because you want to experience the new and improved branding 2.0 class. You’ll get to! And the version after that and after that and after that… Any time I add or improve content, you get that at no extra charge! And if you ever decide to change directions in your business, you can come right back to the class and refresh your branding skills!

I'm so ready to do this whole branding thing!

Pay Monthly

Payment plans make budgeting easy!

4 payments of $87

Pay Upfront

Hive Member Special - Save over $100! OMG!

1 payment of $247

I designed this course for busy ladies like you

Maybe you’re a mom. Or you have a day job. Or you’re in school. Or you’re up to your elbows in Etsy orders. Heck, some of you are probably all of the above! Setting aside time to work on your branding is so tough. I get that. And that’s why I’ve formatted this class to give you the best of both worlds: The 6-week course format is here to keep up your momentum and help you achieve the brand design you want in a short time. You have the support, energy, and accountability of your classmates and teacher to keep you motivated and moving! But… if you fall behind, it’s no big deal! You have lifetime access to the course material and facebook group, so you can go at your own pace and complete the work in whatever timeline works with your schedule.

You will never regret investing in your education

You know in your heart that investing in your brand identity is important, or you wouldn’t have made it this far down the page! Your branding is like your hottest first date outfit--it makes an impression and gives everyone a sneak peek as to what you’re all about. But there are many different ways you can invest in branding. You can hire a designer, you can have a website built, you can work with a brand strategist, you can take a course… how do you choose?

The invaluable thing about taking this course is that you’ll not only graduate with a brand identity that would cost thousands of dollars to hire a designer to create, but you’ll also be armed with a deeper knowledge of what goes into a creating stand out brand identity, so if you do work with a designer in the future, you’ll save tons of time (and tons of dollars) because you’ll know exactly what you want. And if you ever rebrand or start another business, you can get up and running quickly and inexpensively by doing things yourself. The skills you learn in Branding from the Inside Out will serve you for a lifetime.

When I signed up for Branding from the inside out, I knew that I needed a clear plan for my branding in order to really highlight my approach and what I offer. I had never really considered all of the details entailed in communicating my values and unique flavor, but Emily really helped us to identify those things that we want to showcase and then gave us tools for selecting colors, fonts, and designs that reflect those values. I think this is her genius, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to learn from her.

Shannon Meade Tweak Your Self Talk

I ‘get’ branding now that I’ve taken Branding from the Inside Out. Emily covered everything you need to start doing your own visual branding with intention—from the fundamental concept of branding to the the practicalities of choosing fonts, colors, and where to go to find all the best tools and resources for doing your own designs.

Effie Greathouse

I'm ready for my breathtaking brand!

Pay Monthly

Payment plans make budgeting easy!

4 payments of $87

Pay Upfront

Hive Member Special - Save over $100! OMG!

1 payment of $247

So who's this Biz BFF lady, anyway?

I'm Emily Roach - the algebra-teacher-turned-design-diva behind Branding from the Inside Out

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a big heart and a not-so-secret obsession with 90s pop music, Gilmore Girls, and caramel brûlée lattes. And I can’t wait to teach you how to design your own breathtaking brand identity!

In 2009, I started a business designing wedding invitations and personal stationery. It began as a side gig--a creative outlet at a time my teaching job wasn’t allowing much creativity. When I got pregnant in 2010, I decided to see if I could turn my “little etsy shop” into a full time income that would allow me to work from home with my baby. I had no formal business training (aside from many childhood entrepreneurial ventures), so I fumbled through with a lot of trial and error--figuring out what worked and what didn’t. Luckily, I’m a scrappy DIYer, so that’s just the way I like it!

A huge turning point was when I let go of trying to design what I thought everyone else wanted and just created things that were true to my personal style. This was scary! Was I going too niche? Am I going to miss out on tons of potential customers? What if no one even likes my style?

You can guess where this is going--when I stopped trying to please everyone and started being true to myself, my sales soared. Magazines reached out to feature my invites. And my work became more profitable and more fun. But here’s the thing: I don’t attribute this to being a better designer than anyone else.

I learned that being clear and confident about who you are and what you have to offer the world, then presenting that in a cohesive and consistent way makes you the most desirable girl in the room.

I love that now I get to combine my love of teaching with my love of design and help business owners create their own remarkable brands that attract customers, clients, and raving fans in a way that feels authentic, cozy, and fun.

Emily teaches from her heart. And while she’s teaching, she never makes you feel like she knows more than you–instead, it is like you’re learning cool tricks from your BFF (Your Biz BFF that is!)

Sejal Fichadia Kindred Mother Care

I feel that I always came up with a bunch of ideas for branding & marketing my business but never knew how to execute them. Emily was able to take each step and break it down so that we could not only pick our colors, designs and templates but also know WHY those specific designs work best for us. I feel a better sense of control and direction after taking her class.”

Tiffanie Danley TD Real Estate

Who is this course for?

Branding from the Inside Out is for anyone who wants to create their own brand identity, and is ready to stop floundering while trying to figure it all out alone.

Whether you have an online business or run a brick and mortar shop; whether you sell products or services; whether you’re a blogger, a freelancer, or an etsy shop owner--this class is for you!

Previous graduates who found success in Branding from the Inside Out are...

  • photographers
  • teachers
  • doulas
  • house cleaners
  • freelancers
  • personal shoppers
  • coaches
  • makers
  • bloggers
  • seo consultants
  • hairstylists
  • writers
  • fine artists
  • etsy shop owners
  • bakers
  • speech pathologists
  • jewelry designers
  • fiber artists
  • massage therapists
  • interior decorators
  • health/wellness advocates
  • real estate agents
  • nonprofit directors
  • (just to name a few!)

I get it--there are a million courses out there, each promising results more dazzling than the last. And some just don’t live up to the hype. I don’t want this to be one of those courses.

I have complete faith that you can design a brand that feels authentic, fabulous, and oh-so-gorgeous. So if you find that after you’ve completed the coursework, you didn’t get your money’s worth, I will buy it back from you for the price you paid.

Here’s the catch: I do ask that you show up and do the work. To qualify for a refund, you’ll be asked to submit your completed worksheets and show that you gave this course your best effort. This refund window is open for the 30 days following the last module, so you have plenty of time to give this a try! 

Questions You Might Have...

When does class begin? +

As soon as you sign up! During our Self-Paced Summer Session, you get INSTANT ACCESS to the entire course. Take all summer (or all year for that matter) or binge watch the entire course. It's up to you! All summer schools should be this flexible.

What do I need for this class? Special software? Is there a textbook? +

You’ll need a computer or an ipad and internet access. We’ll be using free, web-based software, and I’ll provide your worksheets, so no fancy design software or textbook to buy! Make sure to bring your enthusiasm, curiosity, and favorite pen for taking notes!

I already have a logo--is this class for me? +

Awesome! You have a head start! We’ll talk in the first lesson about how your logo is just a small piece of your entire brand, and we’ll spend the majority of the course working on other brand elements. You can use the logo design week to create alternate versions of your logo!

What will I graduate with? +

You will graduate with a complete brand identity, including a logo, color palette, font selections, and clear definition of your brand's values, strengths, mood, and style. You'll create a brand board to act as an easy reference to use every time you design visuals for your business. Most importantly, you'll have the skills and confidence to go forth and create amazing designs in the future!

What if I'm a really sucky designer? +

Hell yeah! I designed this class to be helpful whether you're a total beginner or have some design experience under your belt. I am here to meet you right where you are and help you suck less at design--but more importantly, to make designing things suck less for YOU!

Just shut up and take my money already! I'm ready to rock my brand!

Pay Monthly

Payment plans make budgeting easy!

4 payments of $87

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Hive Member Special - Save over $100! OMG!

1 payment of $247