Unlock Your Brand Style

Free Challenge: Break through brand overwhelm and define your brand style in just 5 short days!

February 3rd-7th

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Build the foundation for your branding

If you've ever struggled to stand out online... If you've ever had a hard time attracting the right clients and customers to  your business... If you've ever been paralyzed by the overwhelming number of font and color options for your website... If you've ever stared at you computer for hours, messing with Canva templates... then it's time to unlock your brand style and achieve the brand clarity and confidence you need for your business to succeed.

Together, we will


Define your brand style in a way that feels super authentic AND looks totally professional (You don't have to be someone you're not!)


Learn how to find concrete, visual representations of abstract style words (like "sleek and modern" or "whimsical and bright!" How do you express that? I'll show you!)


Focus on the BEST representation of your unique business--even when you love alllllllll the pretty colors and fonts and want to use every single one!

Get​​​​ your brand s#!+ together!

From Option Overwhelm
unlock your brand style hot mess of random

If your branding feels like a hodge-podge hot mess of different ideas (or if you have no branding and you're totally starting from scratch) it's ok! You're not alone!

To Total Brand Clarity
unlock your brand style cheerful mood board

The first step to creating a clear, cohesive brand is gathering inspiration and designing a mood board that serves as the foundation for your brand style

In Just 5 Short Lessons
unlock your brand style 5 short lessons

And we're going to do this together in just 5 short lessons (seriously, you can watch each video lesson and complete each assignment in 20 minutes a day!)

Who is this Biz BFF lady, anyway? Oh hi! I'm Emily!

Pull up a seat next to me, sister. I teach entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small business owners how to unlock their creativity and design their own beautiful and authentic brand identities. I can't wait to show you how to break through your branding challenges and define your brand style. I'll see you on the 3rd!

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