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Your Best Year in Biz

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I see you, big dreamer!

You started the year bright-eyed and excited to make stuff happen. And then... plot twist! 2020 turned out to be a dumpster fire and your goals went out the window.

You are not alone my friend, and you are in the right place!

Even in these wild times, 2021 can be your best year in business ever!

In this free, 5-day challenge, I'll teach you exactly how to plan for 2021 and actually achieve your big, audacious dreams!

  • Create your clear VISION for your life and the year ahead & define what "best" really means to you
  • Set goals you're actually EXCITED to work on each day (no extra motivation or willpower required!)
  • Create an easy, fun ACTION PLAN designed to turn dreams into results
  • Find TIME to create your best year without sacrificing sleep, client work, or family time
  • Life's going to throw curveballs! Learn how to quickly and nimbly ADJUST when hit with the unexpected
  • Jump into 2021 in the driver's seat of your life and biz: ready to hit your goals and achieve your bold, wild, wonderful dreams!

Hey! I'm Emily, and I teach entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners how to show up authentically, think creatively, and act courageously to build fucking incredible businesses!

I can't wait to teach you my rule-breaking approach to planning so you can turn your big dreams into big reality! I'll see you on the 16th!

Make 2021 Your Best Year in Business EVER!

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I value your privacy. Your info is safe and secure.

No lies, fluff, or toxic positivity here!

I don't want to gloss over the fact that 2020 has been a super shitty year for most of us!

We've all been feeling the impact of a global pandemic, systemic racism, political unrest, an economic downturn, devastating wildfires, and social isolation both collectively and individually.

Trying to find the bright side doesn't honor the very real losses and challenges we're facing. Putting blinders on and pushing through is just a fast track to a bigger crash when our feelings catch up with us. And it's unrealistic to hold out false hope that when the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, our fairy godmother will magically put everything back to normal.

And I still believe we can step into our power and take control of making 2021 our best year yet!

Instead of finding the silver lining, we can find the lessons.

Instead of pushing through with grit, we can foster the resilience to move forward with grace.

Instead of holding onto blind hope, we can nurture belief in ourselves to create wonderful, magical lives (even in an unpredictable world.)

And you don't have to do it alone! (Don't you think you've had enough isolation already?) We can dream & scheme, plan & play, build & rebuild, and take big, bold actions & teeny little steps together.

I'm holding space for you right next to me. ❤️

We start November 16th. You in?

Make 2021 Your Best Year in Business EVER!

Sign up for the free 5-day challenge

I value your privacy. Your info is safe and secure.