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Who is this Biz BFF lady? Oh hi! I'm Emily!

I bring small business owners like you together to build the business of your dreams on your terms... by being your truest you-est self!

And last year sucked more than any year has ever sucked before.

So pull up a seat next to me, my friend. Let's dig into this time management mess together!

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Biz BFF Skills Labs are interactive workshops designed to explore, learn, and strengthen your skills as a small business owner--while connecting with other, like-spirited entrepreneurs.

It's as close as we can get to an in-person, hands-on workshop + heartfelt womxn's circle... but virtual!


I'll send you a video/written lesson each day

When you sign up, you'll receive the link to download Zoom on your computer or mobile device, access via the web, or call in from the phone. The entire workshop is online, so you can tune in from anywhere in the world!


I'll share lessons and creative exercises with the whole group

We'll discuss ideas for repurposing content and making it more accessible to different types of learners as a group. I'll share some of my favorite tools and time-saving tricks. This will not be your typical, boring webinar, and I will not talk at you! This is a real life conversation between friends.


We'll break into small groups for deeper understanding, connection, and application

We'll use Zoom Breakout Rooms to connect in small groups and work through repurposing one of your actual content ideas.


You get the recording to keep forever

Isn't technology amazing? I'll record our session so that you can keep and watch this workshop whenever you want! (So if you can't attend live, but you'want to learn how to stretch your content for greater impact, you should totally still sign up!)

No lies, fluff, or toxic positivity here!

I don't want to gloss over the fact that the last three years have been a super shitty for many of us!

We've all been feeling the ongoing impact of a global pandemic, systemic racism, political unrest, an economic downturn, devastating fires and floods, and social isolation--collectively and individually.

Trying to find the bright side doesn't honor the very real losses and challenges we're facing. Putting blinders on and pushing through is just a fast track to a bigger crash when our feelings catch up with us.

And it's unrealistic to hold out false hope that when the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, our fairy godmother will magically put everything back to normal. And I still believe we can step into our power and take control of making 2021 our best year yet! Instead of finding the silver lining, we can find the lessons. Instead of pushing through with grit, we can foster the resilience to move forward with grace. Instead of holding onto blind hope, we can nurture belief in ourselves to create wonderful, magical lives (even in an unpredictable world.) And you don't have to do it alone! (Don't you think you've had enough isolation already?) We can dream & scheme, plan & play, build & rebuild, and take big, bold actions & teeny little steps together. I'm holding space for you right next to me. ❤️

We start January 16th. You in?

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